Kids Help With The Proposal in The Cutest Way Imaginable

IMG_2525How We Met: Jordan and I met in 2011 in Tyler, TX through mutual friends.

The night we met, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. We talked a lot and he told me all about his two kids and how much he loved them. I admired his love for his children but wasn’t quite sure I was open to dating someone who had kids.

As time went on, Jordan pursued me, sent me flowers at work, took me on many dates and completely captured my heart.

I met his kids and fell in love with them and knew I wanted them to be a part of my life forever, them and llamas, of course!



how they asked: I took the kids Geocaching (it’s an app you can download on your phone to go on scavenger hunts all over the world) this past Spring Break.

They LOVED it and for some reason they changed the name to “doodiecaching”. Anyways, Jordan had to work all week and was bummed he didn’t get to hang out with us on our adventures. So on Saturday when Hallee and I got home from some errands and we saw this note, I thought Jordan was just creating an adventure for the kids since he had missed ours. Of course, I was excited and Hallee was beside herself saying, “I’ve NEVER BEEN ON AN ADVENTURE BEFORE!?!”

We went inside and waited for the timer to go off and found directions to a place called New Tracks Ranch about 30 minutes away so we piled into the car, listened to “What Does The Fox Say” like 20 times, singing at the top of our lungs, windows down and way excited for the adventure ahead.

I had no idea just how exciting it would end up being!


The maps took us to a gravel road of a private residence that was absolutely breathtaking. I stopped the car multiple times as I drove down the lane to tell Hallee how much it reminded me of England. We both thought it was the prettiest place we had ever seen in the Hill Country. It had rained that morning so it smelled heavenly!

I noticed that the sign for the farm had llamas on it and got excited that maybe we would see some when we were hunting for our geocache. Hallee really hoped there would be baby llamas there too. We drove a little ways further and I saw Jordan standing by a fence, motioning for us to park and then join him. For some reason, I was really confused as to why he was wearing slacks, a tie, and a button down but didn’t question it. Hallee jumped out of the car and ran ahead of me to her daddy and they disappeared around the corner.


I went through a gate and Jordan met me and held my hand as he escorted me to a beautiful table set up, surrounded by 30 LLAMAS,with tulips (my favorite flower), champagne for us, and coke for Rex and Hallee. I love that sweet Rexy volunteered to take pictures for Jordan and that we can see his finger in this picture. He did a great job and I’m amazed he got as many good pictures as he did because he kept jumping up and down from excitement!

Then Jordan got down on one knee and I could hardly keep the tears back, I was so overwhelmed with happiness.

Then Rex almost knocked me over as he ran to me and shouted that we had to have a “FAMILY HUG!!!!”


It means so much to me that Rex and Hallee could be there for the proposal. So much has happened to their home life that was out of their control but creating a new family with their dad is definitely something I feel like they should feel a part of every step of the way. Their excitement and unconditional love and acceptance has been a huge blessing to my heart and has made this journey beyond worth it. To be able to look Jordan and Rex and Hallee in the eyes and say Yes to standing by their side for forever was a moment I will never forget. This day was PERFECT.

Hallee thought the llamas were awesome and kept saying she wanted to live at the llama farm. They even had baby llamas just like she wanted.


The little table they all set up was so cute and sweet. Rex did a great job helping Jordan get it all together.

IMG_7305< IMG_7389

But all of us becoming a family is my real favorite!


Hallee gave me this note at the proposal and it melted my heart. I am beyond blessed.

kids help with proposal

And then we both freaked out and called all our family and close friends! Now on to the fun of planning our magical day. I can’t wait to be married to this man!

kids help with the cutest proposal