Kidron and Rebekah

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How We Met

One afternoon in the spring of 2014, I was walking across campus taking photos for a media class. From a distance, I saw a couple girls taking photos for a class of their own. I found one of them (Rebekah) to be particularly attractive, so I started taking pictures of them to break the ice. I tagged them on Facebook later when I posted the photos, and Rebekah was impressed with my photography skills. I saw her from time to time around school and would go talk to her while she was at work at the campus coffee shop. She put up with me but was a bit creeped out by my advances.

For a few months, we would just talk occasionally until I ended up at her cousin’s wedding as the videographer. After that, we became pretty good friends and talked a lot! Unfortunately, she spent the next semester studying abroad in Italy. I was determined to stay in touch, however, and sent her a text message every single day. She got them all at once when she arrived back in the States, and thought it was sweet. But while she was gone, she had started a relationship with someone else, and I started seeing someone as well.

Since we were both involved with other people, we spent time together just as friends. This no-pressure relationship allowed us to develop a great friendship, and soon we were spending all of our time together. Not surprisingly, our separate romantic endeavors didn’t last long. We both found ourselves single once again, only this time, I wasn’t the only one who was interested in taking our relationship further.

Summer break came, and we had to go our separate ways temporarily. But just three weeks in to our time apart, I couldn’t stand the distance anymore. Spur of the moment, I decided to buy a plane ticket to Seattle to surprise Rebekah at another one of her cousin’s weddings. We spent a week together with her entire family, now officially as a couple. I passed their extensive investigations and was accepted as part of the clan. I had to spend the remainder of the summer traveling in Central America, but the moment I landed back in the States, Rebekah picked me up at the airport, and we OFFICIALLY began our lives together as a couple – in the same country and all!

Six months later, I decided to ask her to spend the rest of her life with me – she thought it sounded like a good idea!

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how they asked

Rebekah told me some of the things she liked in rings, so I began looking all over Etsy and Pinterest, but nothing ever really caught my eye. I decided to meet with a jeweler from my home town and design the ring with them. I went Arney Guess Goldsmith, who was a great help! They helped me pick out the perfect, antique-style band and showed me how they could make it look just the way Rebekah would like it. My mom decided I could use two small diamonds from a ring that her father had passed down to her. Then I got a nice aquamarine stone to put in the center (Rebekah’s birthstone).

As a film maker, I knew I wanted to do an awesome video of the proposal, and I wanted to put a small camera in the ring box to have a great view of her face when I asked. So I decided to design a ring box that would be perfect. I learned how to fold paper into boxes with lids. I got some cool photography craft paper to make the box, decorated it with other strips of scrap-booking paper and messages pertinent to the occasion. Finally, I mounted my GoPro inside the box just below the ring so it could capture the look on her face.

Finally, I arranged for our closest friends to be hidden at the location when I made the proposal.

For the actual popping of the question, Rebekah and I went on a photo shoot with our friend and fellow photographer, Grant Dillion. He took some fantastic pictures for us in downtown Searcy, AR, and on the old Judsonia bridge. Just before sunset, when the light was perfect, I took Rebekah’s hands, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry me!

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As soon as she said yes, and while completely overwhelmed, all of our friends popped out from under the bridge with confetti, poppers, and cameras to capture the event! We all laughed, cried, hugged and had our photos taken.

After the excitement, we all drove to Mi Pueblito in Searcy, where even more of our friends were waiting to surprise Rebekah. I also had a bouquet of tulips and lilies (Rebekah’s favorite flowers) on the table for her.

It was an incredible time and a wonderful moment that we captured from every angle. I’ve made a video of the whole thing so everyone can experience the moment with us.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Grant Dillion
 | Photography