Kickboxing Proposal

Image 1 of Kickboxing ProposalMy mom was coming to visit, and she mentioned she wanted to see my boyfriend teach a kickboxing class. Since I go on the regular, I said, “Ok, let’s go, I’ll take the class and let’s have lunch afterward”. Being that my mom lives across the country, and she was only in town for a weekend, I invited my boyfriend’s parents to join us for lunch, too.

When we get to the kickboxing class, my boyfriend tells me I need to put on a shirt for the kickboxing studio because they’re doing a “franchise video” for the website. He handed me a shirt that was a.) too small and b.) light pink. I looked at him and he said, “you’d prefer the black one, huh?” I took a black one and put it on begrudgingly.

I take the class as usual, and about 3/4 through, I notice my mom with her iPad up as if she’s filming. I yell at her “I’m not 5 playing softball anymore, you don’t need to film me kickboxing”.

Toward the end of the class when we normally do partner work, my boyfriend (again who was teaching the class) pulled me to the middle of the room to demonstrate the partner work. He talked about how if you don’t properly twist the bags they can break. He then proceeded to break the bag in front of us, and I noticed there were hand wraps in the base of the bag.

He then goes, “Oh what’s this, what’s this?” and starts unwrapping the ring box. In front of the whole class, he got down on one knee and explained how we met and how he’s been in love with me for the past four years. It still gives me goosebumps thinking about it.

I of course said yes, and pummeled him before seeing the ring. Once I saw the ring, I was like, OH YEAH.

Oh, and fun fact: my mom wasn’t filming me, she had my sister and closest friends on FaceTime who live across the country. Technology is so cool!

Image 2 of Kickboxing Proposal