Kiara and Louis

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How We Met

So, Louis and I actually met on Bumble a little over 2 years ago. We matched right away, like right away. I actually saw his photo and thought to myself “I need to know who this man is, like now.” I message him and told him I liked his beard and sent him my number, because of course I didn’t want to waste any time; We met a couple of days later in the most informal but kind of formal way, I guess you could say. He’s a professional wake foiler, from England and Surf Expo was happening. We texted for like the first two days and then planned to meet for the weekend, but of course, we tried to meet beforehand but our schedules weren’t matching up. I didn’t want to meet him by myself, so the most logical thing to do was to invite my brother Jon and his girlfriend Kel with me but because Surf Expo was happening Lou had just finished up at the show and actually had his two really good friends Ang and CK over from England along with his brother, Conor. Long story short, we all met officially at our local Irish pub a couple of days later. Ironically enough when we met I found out he’s actually Irish, so it just made sense! We all hit it off amazingly, there was so much laughter, stories, and just such a good time. I think that’s what made it so easy for us to just flow. The best part about this all is that we’re both from the same town and had never seen eachother or maybe we had but had never noticed eachother! We actually joked at first and told our friends and family we met at the local grocery store in the bread aisle which they believed for the first couple of months, which we thought was hilarious. We probably stayed out until 1 a.m the first night we met just chatting about everything and any thing. A couple of months went by and I just knew that I was completely in love with him and this was the man I wanted to marry.

How They Asked

Lou and I planned a trip back up to Asheville this past week, just to spend some time together and get away for a couple of days. We had previously gone to the Biltmore Estate and fell in love with it this past summer. When we arrived there we hadn’t gotten the chance to see the Gardens on the property so we said we would try and make it this time around. Lou really wanted his brother Conor to come up with us and I thought it was gonna be great because his brother’s girlfriend is actually my best friend Kendall. I didn’t think anything of it, so we all packed our bags and hit the road last Tuesday starting our road trip to Asheville, we stayed there a night then drove into Gatlinburg, Tennesee, and then to Nashville, Tennesee where we stayed for two days. I again, not knowing anything thought this trip was going incredible. On our last day in Tenessee, I thought I would book us the tickets to go to the Biltmore house but they were completely sold out, so I thought I’d give them a call and see if there was any availability for anything else on the grounds and there was! We ended up booking tickets to tour the grounds and the gardens, which was perfect because we hadn’t seen it yet. So, we’ve been gone about 4 days already and every day the weather was absolutely beautiful and then I checked the weather for Saturday, the 10th and it said rain ALL DAY. So I said to them “maybe we should cancel, we can come back another time it isn’t a big deal,” but they insisted we go and just make the day out of it. So, we arrived at the Biltmore Estate and start walking the gardens, we circled around them once and then we start to circle them again, and I’m just a little confused now. But, whatever the case Conor started taking photos of us; Lou and I finish up and I asked Kendall to take some photos with me and she’s wearing the backpack with the camera equipment and she says to me, she just needs to take the backpack off and I said okay, so I took a couple more photos with Lou and asked Kendall to come and take some pictures with me and she again said she needed to take the backpack off so at that point I’m like “why won’t she take this damn bag off!” and so Lou and I take a couple more photos, it’s our thing for me to jump on his back wherever we go for a photo and once I got down, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I covered my face and started crying! I actually walked away a little bit from him and kind of left him there on his knee until I turned around again and asked him what he was doing, and then I got down on the floor and started hugging him and sobbing of course! Because of holy crap. He just asked me to be his wife! I honestly was an emotional mess and all I could do was cry. I was so over the moon happy, I couldn’t believe it was happening. I’ve always imagined a proposal but after this past weekend, I couldn’t think of anything more perfect than how it happend, rain or shine. This was the most perfect thing. We’re so happy, it’s actually so unreal that this happened. And so, that’s how he asked! Looking back at the photos, I had no idea the ring was behind my back the entire time before he popped the question! Honestly, I’m so proud of him. He did such a brave thing, I couldn’t love him more!

I couldn’t imagine my life going any other way. I’m so utterly in love with him, he’s my bestfriend, my partner, my adventure man. I love seeing the world with him and enjoying everything life has to offer. I can’t wait to be married to him.

Walking Around, The Gardens. Photo 2.

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Right before the Proposal,

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The Prospal, (cue ugly crying)

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Wandering the estates (I hadn’t realized he was scouting the perfect location)

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He said he wasn’t crying, he said he was wiping my tears off his face.

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(The ring hiding behind my back, literally had NO idea!)

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