Kiara and Josh

How We Met

Josh and I met in college and started dating over 7 years ago. We’ve talked about marriage and starting a family together over the years, and on my personal timeline, I thought it would have been 3 years…so I never really knew when he would pop the question. Fast forward to December 28th,2018 I received the biggest surprise of a lifetime. He took me to Millennium Park’s ice skating rink for a “corporate event” that was supposed to be followed with a cocktail hour and dinner. He used corporate, as an excuse of him not being able to really know anyone there, but enough to give me a heads up to dress nice. Since it’s a public place, I invited my sister and her husband for the ice skating portion, mainly so she can take cute pics for my fashion Insta blog ?.

How They Asked

After we were done “taking pictures,” he turns around and says “you know I have loved you since I met you,” and at that moment I knew what was about to happen and at the same time I was still in denial that it was really happening until he told me to turn around. When I saw those signs my heart dropped to the floor. I turned back around and he was on his knee with the ring. I felt as if “time was standing still,” the background became a blur and he was there just pouring out his heart. Of course, the answer has always been a YES, that part was a no-brainer. So many strangers joined and cheered us on, it felt like a movie. We are slightly shy people so I never imagined a public engagement.

At the moment, looking up I couldn’t tell who was holding the signs, so when everyone came down I got to see he invited my family, his family, each one of my best friends and even flown his parents out from Atlanta. I begin to Kim K. cry. Once I saw his father, who has severe health conditions, sitting in a wheelchair bearing the cold just to watch us get in engage, my tears became uncontrollable.

Kiara and Josh's Engagement in Millennium Park

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Millennium Park

The ice skating rink was extremely kind enough to let us skate in the rink by ourselves for one lap afterward. Everyone was surprised by that. This is downtown Chicago’s ice skating rink! His love poured into every detail and effort. This night was so magical and perfect, and I will forever be grateful for him making me feel so special, and for everyone coming together and helping with anything he needed. I’m still living on cloud 9!

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