Kianah and Christopher

How We Met

From the Groom: This is a story that differs from most romantic stories where the two people meet in person and it’s happily ever after. Not us! Our story began in late 2013 through social media when I (Chris) saw Kianah’s profile from a retweet on Twitter and I proceeded to put on my “FBI hat” so I could try to find out more about this short and beautiful young lady. It didn’t take me long before I found mutual friend that secretly asked and talked about me to her that which made it easier for me to send / slide in her DM”s on Instagram. Kianah would read my messages wait to respond, and when she did respond she would be so DRY, as if I, CHRIS MOORE was bothering her… When I tell y’all she was the most stubbornness person ever. SHE WAS THE MOST STUBBORNNEST PERSON EVER!!! So she eventually gave in after I flirted with her so much through our messages on Instagram and finally GAVE, me her number. The day she gave me her number I knew then that I HAD WON!

So after while Kianah started to open up a little more and converse with me on a very CASUAL “friendship” She would also call me a punk when I would make her laugh or smile and I would tell myself in my mind thats her way of calling me baby lol. With Kianah living in Olive Branch, MS and myself living in Atlanta, GA we FaceTimed was our best friend. We both had kept saying hat we had to meet in person after communicating for 6 months so we both were going to a church conference in Kansas City, Kansas in July. When we met you would have thought we had been together for years. Our chemistry was apparent and undeniable. We literally never left each other sides that entire week, which made me realized there was something about her. I knew that I wasn’t ready to commit myself to a long distance relationship so I pulled myself back from her and would try to play the games that she played in the beginning of not communicating and rarely texting back but it didn’t last. If any one knows Kianah you know she wasn’t going for that. I had to at least check in with her at least once or twice a month to let her know that everything was well. We both got into other relationships and carried on with our lives. Then Kianah calls me one day and tells me she’s coming to Atlanta with a group of her friends. I was so nervous all over again. She told me that they had a pretty eventful weekend planned but I should come have dinner with them so I did and when I tell y’all she looked so good I knew I had to have her!!!!! Time went by and now we are both single again and communicating EVERYDAY via FaceTime and one day Kianah tells me look “I’m not doing this back and forth with you again. This is your last time” so I knew I had to make a decision. I knew that I didn’t want to see her with anybody else and the next time I seen her I was making it official. Kianah is in ATL again for Spring Break 2016 and we make it official March 11, 2016. Long distance relationships are tough but through prayer, patience, and a goal to end long distance they can be a blessing.

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From the Bride: Let me just start off by saying I can’t believe EVERYBODY kept a secret away from me…LOL. So I woke up on 8/4/2017 just like any other Friday, having so much to do since I’m off of work like usual. My cousin (Tasia) and I had planned to go to the nail shop AS NORMAL, I needed to return some items, and I needed to go buy some shoes for my trip to Chicago to go see Chris. Tasia told me she was having a dinner in Memphis that night to celebrate her recent success of becoming a Licensed Registered Nurse and she wanted me there so I agreed to go. I had spoken to Chris earlier that morning and he told me that he would call me when he got to the airport. He was supposedly flying home to Atlanta from training in Chicago for the weekend but IT NEVER ONCE CROSSED MY MIND that he would be flying into MEMPHIS!

So while Tasia and I are at the nail shop she tells me that her mother’s friend wanted to take some pictures of her at the Colliervillie park around 8 pm that night. I was like “ok, so are we pushing dinner back?” She said “yeah I guess so” and I’m asking myself and her “why in the world does this man want to take pictures of her at 8 pm and at night?!?! She was like “I have no clue but you, Alexis, and Courtney are coming with me because I’m not about to be in these pictures alone” and then she says “I think parents trying to give me a NEW CAR!” Now I’m thinking whatever, there is no way that Tasia is going to come pick me up from my house and then drive back to Colliervillie so I’ll just miss the pictures and that will give me time to go pick up my shoes from the store. I decided to run my errands with my mom who drove me after acting like she was “too tired” to do anything.

On the way back home I asked her would she mind stopping by CVS so I could get some eye lashes for the dinner and she did so without complaining! (This is the moment I should have known something was up! Lol) My phone went off at 7 pm and it was Tasia who texted me telling me that she was going to be at my house in about thirty minutes. I got home about 7:15pm and started getting ready for “Tasia’s dinner”. Tasia gets to my house and walks in with a dress on and looks at me confused because I had on jeans. I mean in my mind I’m not the one we were celebrating so why does it matter what I wore? By 8 o’clock we finished our makeup, we get in her car and we drive off.

As she was driving I noticed she took a wrong turn and asked “where are you going?” And she said back to me “Collierville!!!, I told you my mom’s friend wanted to take some pictures!” I thought I outsmarted her and missed that part of the night! I really wish y’all could have seen how well she was playing this role. As I was riding in the car we were having small talk and listening to music like normal, so I decided to Facetime Chris but he didn’t pick up so I figured he was at home and fallen asleep like he normally does…(smh). We finally arrive to Colliervillie Town Square and she stops in the middle of the street and tells me to get out so I turned and looked at her confused like why the heck aren’t you parking?! At the same time I saw Chris walking in front of her car and I just started crying and just froze! I couldn’t do ANYTHING ELSE because it was at this moment that I knew what was going on. He opened my door, grabbed my hand and pulled me out the car.

As we started walking towards the gazebo, I remember saying “wow” over and over and as we got closer, I saw all my family and close friends and I started crying even harder, I mean like bawling tears! Chris helped me up the stairs and was talking to me, telling me things I can’t remember nor can he at this point because as cool as he was trying to be, he was so nervous! It seemed like it took him forever to get on one knee but when he did, I took a VERY deep breath as he said my whole name and asked me to marry him. I said YES to being with my BEST FRIEND for the REST of OUR LIVES!!!

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