Kiana and Seth


How We Met

My friends had invited me to spend the day at a lake in the summer of 2014. That is the first day I was introduced to Seth. It wasn’t until a few months after that until we really started getting to know each other.

Later that year, one of my best friends came to spend the day at my house and brought Seth with him. That is the first day we really got to hang out together. As soon as they left, I told all my sisters how cute I thought he was. He lived an hour and a half away from me, so I didn’t think anything would ever happen between us. Little did I know that a few months later, we would be dating!

One day in March 2015, he took me on a walk after church. We hiked through some trails and ended up at a perfect spot surrounded by water. We sat down and just enjoyed talking to each other. There he asked me if I would be his girlfriend and I (of course) said yes! I had no idea that day would be the beginning of the rest of my life!


how they asked

Seth and I had known that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together early on in our relationship. Weddings, proposals, rings, and our future together were normal conversation for us. Seth told me that he was going to propose before Christmas so I knew it was coming soon. In my mind, I KNEW he was proposing in December, like he had always told me. So as we began our date together on November 28, 2016, it didn’t even cross my mind that today might be the day we have been talking about for months.

We started the day together at the mall, where he let me pick out something that I liked. After that, we quickly ran out to the car in the rain to head to our walk. The drive took about 20 minutes. As soon as we pulled up to Westman’s Tree Farm, the rain stopped.

We both love anything Christmas, and I was excited to walk around a Christmas tree farm for my first time. We got out of the car and began our walk through all the rows of trees. There was no one else there, which I didn’t find strange at the time since it was my first time at a place like this. Later, I found out that he had scheduled an appointment for us to be there at a time that the tree farm was closed.


We turned a corner and as soon as I saw what was set up, I knew what was happening. I was so surprised and it didn’t feel like real life at first. There was a blanket with black and white pictures of me and Seth on it and a tray with mugs, hot cocoa, and whipped cream. It was surrounded by more pictures of us strung on a piece of twine and fairy lights.



Seth got down on one knee, said the sweetest words to me (from what I can remember from how shocked I was), and asked me to marry him.



Through the happiest tears, I said yes to marrying my best friend.





We sat down on the blanket and he poured us hot cocoa in our new “Mr.” and “Mrs.” mugs.


A few minutes later, Seth handed me a present to open. Opening presents and planning things are probably two of my most favorite things to do. He had gotten me a wedding planner. It was so perfect and made the thought of planning a wedding together even more real!


We danced and laughed together, and just enjoyed our first few moments together as an engaged couple!









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