Kiana and David

Kiana and David's Engagement in Hawaii

How We Met

Two quarters left of senior year and I receive an Instagram dm. A fellow student confessing to me how he wanted to say hi and compliment me before we graduated. That was all, just a sweet boy brightening my day. A week later it was a MATCH!…. on Tinder. Our first date was a mess. We took the wrong Uber 3 miles before realizing and then the driver kicked us out, I couldn’t eat anything nerves being at an all time high, he had thrown up from nerves right before and to top it off he thought I was going to make a run for it when I excused myself to use the restroom! And well, here we are. A little over a year later ready for forever!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Hawaii

Kiana's Proposal in Hawaii

how they asked

Two weeks prior to our engagement David had said he wanted to take photos of our first official vacation. All my suspicion was shut down when he immediately told me “This is not a proposal. Its just for fun.” So it’s the day of and after an amazing morning adventure on the North Shore the race was on to get back to our place, get photo ready and head to the beach! As the sun began to set, he kneeled, got hit by a wave, almost dropped the ring, and our forever began!

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