Khrystyna and Adam

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Mile high stadium Denver, Colorado

How We Met

I went out to a restaurant with some friends on one of those nights that you know you needed. Walking up to the bar I had asked some guy if I could scoot in to order myself a drink. That simple question had turned in an hour long hand slap game with this tall dark and handsome stranger. The next day we went to watch the football games and the rest is history.

how they asked

Adam(Ive always called him Colorado) and I moved to Washington together a year ago. Leaving behind my family and friends in Connecticut and all of his family and friends in Colorado. It was the hardest move but the best person to move with. Adams birthday was coming up in November and I was homesick. Adam is HUGE Denver Broncos fan. Luckily my best friend’s husband,Chris, was also a die hard Broncos fan and his birthday was also coming up. DING DING DING!! Perfect idea take the boys to Denver for a Broncos game and the two best friends get to spend some time together. So here comes the weekend, we’re all in Denver. The entire weekend Tina, my best friend, is making a huge deal about Chris’ birthday, Adam and his mom are being super emotional to each other and Tina is bugging me what my ring size is alllllll day Saturday needless to say I was sure it wasn’t happening because as far as I was told no one even knew my ring size. Saturday night Tina tells me how Chris needs something special for his birthday so she had gotten him a “happy birthday Chris” on the megatron at the game. So she asks me to videotape his reaction and the sign. “PERFECT, that’s so sweet” Now here comes game day. Everyone is wearing Broncos gear. Adam had his personalize “Pollack” jersey on that I love. I knew that “Chris’” birthday sign would be at halftime. In the middle of the second quarter Adam and I went down to grab some of his friends so I’m not rushing him back up to his seats because I tell him that I just can’t miss Chris’ reaction. I also tell him how much I love his jersey and one day I’d love one of my own. He simply agrees. We finally make it back in time so I get my phone ready to capture Chris’ reaction. Can’t wait! All of a sudden Adam tapes me on my shoulder and as I look up to video what I thought was Chris’ birthday sign Colorado was asking me to marry him. As I turn the man of my dreams is getting down on one knee and Everyone is videotaping MY reaction.

Khrystyna and Adam's Engagement in Mile high stadium Denver, Colorado