Khiyana and Trey

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How We Met

Like any young couple, our first time meeting was at a bar. I’m a teacher and it was past my bedtime, so I was heading out. It was a brief exchange that we both thought would be the last. After months of small-talk via text and a couple FT calls, we went on our first date and the rest is… well, you know. Neither of us knew that first dance would lead to a lifetime of firsts together!

how they asked

I had no idea that during our vacation to celebrate his 25th birthday would turn into a beautiful surprise for me. We were on a week-long Caribbean cruise having the time of our lives. It was the night of the Captain’s Ball and I was not in the mood to dress up. I was on vacation and I just wanted to relax and be comfortable. He did so much convincing and even enlisted the help of my mom and a family friend to persuade me to go. After taking my time to get ready for the elegant dinner (I was very surprised that he wasn’t rushing me because I was 10 minutes late), I make my way to the lobby to meet the rest of our group.

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Did I mention that he’s convinced mom and sister to join us on the cruise?! Our group of 10 was waiting to be seated and Trey suggests we take some photos while we wait. I sit down, uncomfortable in my clothes, and we’re taking pictures. I’m wondering why they’re so many people taking our picture, but I smile. After a pose-change, I’m waiting to take the next picture and I notice he isn’t ready for the picture. I look over and VOILA! he’s on one knee! I’m so shocked that I closed the box! In the end, I said yes!

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