Khara and Jarryd


how they asked

How it happened. Sooo.. Where to begin :p at least two months ago Jarryd came up with this story (of which was never anything other than pure truth to me :D) of a premier event that was taking place. He told me one of his current sponsors for camera equipment wanted each sponsored person to create a film of a potential candidate for the next sponsorship, and amongst the lot the top four would be shown at the premier event, followed by the best earning the sponsorship ( I NEEDED A GOPRO! So we needed to make this work). So we went to Bettys Bay about a month ago to shoot some footage for the potential award winning film. He made the film and sent it in. He then told me I had got “selected” as one of the top four to be premiered, and wanting it to be a surprise on the day wouldn’t let me preview it before.

The morning of the premier Ashley (his sister) took me to get my nails done as she had “found a special on groupon” ( little did I know that Jarryd was the one who booked us in as he liked the idea of having my nails done for photos :D).  After that Ashley went to go help set up an exhibition at her gran’s house and I went home to get smart clothes for my “premier” that evening. As it was a public holiday, Jarryd had planned that we left early for the premier and had dinner in camps Bay before. We had finished and payed for dinner 30 minutes before having to leave so Jarryd suggested that it was only fair that he showed me the video before the premier, so that it wouldn’t be my first time viewing it on a big screen with a mass of people around us, (oookaaay, I had been wanting to see it for so long… )(And… like I could change it if I didn’t like it..)

Anyway, after much talking and trying to persuade him that we should leave because we didn’t have time to walk down all the way to the beach and watch the film (and why would we go all the way down to the beach just to watch a four minute video anyway :D #alittlesuspicious ), he finally got me down onto the rocks on camps Bay Beach to watch the movie on his phone for a quick preview (while happening to carry a picnic basket with “just a blanket to sit on” inside. #alittlesuspicious).  He took the blanket out the basket. We sat down. It was really (!!!!!) Romantic as it was just before sunset and the weather was amazing. No wind, no clouds, lots of sun. He then took out a bottle of champagne out of the basket (ok this is really romantic!!!!  But hey, that’s him for you) and we romantically drank it together with the view of the ocean.

He then pulled out our date diary (A special moments diary we record after most dates**I must admit the slack after about 5 months or so as our dates are amazingly frequent** but we always try to keep it updated) and opened it to the last written page. He had written me something special. A “you are special and I can’t wait for the future” kind of letter (#alittlesuspicious). After reading it and exchanging some romantic affection he finally gave me the phone to view the video before leaving (yes we only had 10 minutes to go, and yes I still believed it #Iwantedmygopro).

The movie began (ok friends, all I can say is that I have a professional movie maker as a Fiance *Damn, now that sounds good, he’s my fiaaance*), and even though he had used voice notes (that were meant to be part of the candidate entries) as part of the video (#surprisesallround) the video was turning out to be far more than I expected, (Friends, I was getting a gopro! I could feel it.) The movie was about my journey, and finishing it were the words “This is not the end but the start of many things” (#alittlesuspicious). Heart beating, emotional girlfriend was then asked to put the phone down. At this point he was standing, so I joined him to give him a hug and show him my appreciation for all the effort he had put into creating this video and how special it was (well at least that’s how I think I got to my feet).

That’s when we were both on our feet, by the waves, in the sunset, just the two of us ( ok little did I know that we had a little creeper Jonny in the bushes taking photos*I thank him now*) and that’s when it happened. He told me he had a very important question to ask me, one he will never regret asking. He went down on one knee and asked me to marry him (!!!!!!!!!) SAY WHAT!!


THIS WAS THE MOMENT! the amount of joyful tears in my eyes was ridiculous!!! (When i say ridiculous i could barely see the man I just wanted to stare at). After the special moment of saying yes he put the ring on my finger and we admired the beauty (If you haven’t seen it in person you missing out! It’s a beaut, and now my prized possession).

I then told Jarryd that even though this was the best thing he had ever done for me, we still needed to get to the premier (yes I believed it was still happening).


So we packed up and happily made our way to the car with probably the biggest grins on our faces ever. I was going to a premier with my fiance! We got in the car and started driving toward town. That’s when it happened. He started laughing and told me there was no premier!! (WHAT, no gopro!!!!) Okaaaay, besides from the point that I wasn’t going to be getting a gopro after all, I was kind of relieved because all i really wanted to do was go show our families the new gem on my finger (which apparently I couldn’t stop staring at). Jarryd told me he had organized both families to be at home and we would visit one after the other. He then explained how he had stored the ring at his gran’s house, so it would mean a lot to him if we went past on the way home to show her (okaaay she had an exhibition on at her house. That meant lots of people I didn’t know). When we arrived outside her house there were so many cars outside that I tried to persaud Jarryd that this wasn’t a good idea (all I wanted to do was show our families!!!) Ok he persuaded me.


As I got out I saw my mom’s car (say WHAT, what was going on here……) we walked down the path to the back of the house. Ok the exhibition just happened to be a SURPRISE PARTY FOR ME!!!!

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It was too much, I was too happy. As people started coming up to give hugs and congratulations, that’s when I realised how lucky I was. I had a dream prince charming by my side, and two amazing families, that I was so proud to be apart of (who had put so much effort into making my evening perfect), and so many friends that I felt so lucky to have. This was something that happened in movies. I was the luckiest girl in the world! I really was. That day, August 9th, 2016, was the best day of my life.


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