Khara and Bryson

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Chicago, IL

How We Met

Bryson and I met through Run This Town (RTT) Chicago, a fitness group for young professionals. I was an ambassador of the group, which meant that I helped to lead the workouts, engage with the members and bring in new members. One of my first memorable interactions with Bryson was when we interviewed him as ‘Member of the Month’ back in September of 2012. I remember reading his bio and thinking to myself that he had an intriguing academic background and I was interested in networking with him. After all, NetworkingOut® was one of the foundational concepts of the Run This Town movement. I would be finishing up my M.S. degree at Northwestern University within the next few months and I was interested in networking with him to learn what kinds of non-conventional opportunities were out there to apply my technical, project management and liberal arts background. I also thought it would be cool to learn more about his experience with the science behind winemaking (Enology) since I loved to drink wine. (I mean, who doesn’t love wine?)

How They Asked

It was Saturday, November 17, 2018 in Chicago. A little over five years after Bryson asked me if we could make our relationship official (which was Sweetest Day 2013). Bryson had extended our hotel stay after his conference so that we could enjoy a stay-cation downtown. Later that afternoon, before we were scheduled to meet back up for our movie date, he called to tell me that he had a flat tire. I could hear the utter frustration in his voice. I offered to meet him where he was with my car jack. When I arrived, it turned out to be the spot where we first met-31st Street Beach with the Run This Town Chicago workout group. I was immediately lost in sentimental thoughts. I snapped myself out of that memory and looked to my right and saw his friend David with a camera around his neck. I looked to my left and Bryson was standing in front of me with a serious, yet loving look.

Khara's Proposal in Chicago, IL

He started telling me how much he loved me and how much he wanted to spend his life with me while tears started to well in his eyes. Once he reached in his coat pocket and bent down on one knee, I could no longer see or hear anything. I cried tears of joy as the answer to my prayers was happening before me in a moment that I least expected. I said “YES!” with a huge smile on my face. We embraced to savor the most perfect moment, EVER.

Special Thanks

David Dickerson
 | Photographer