Kezia and Arvin

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How We Met

We both grew up in the same church. We started dating at the age of 15 years old. But it wasn’t easy because we both lived in two different states, went to different high schools and colleges. We celebrated our 10 year anniversary on February 1, 2020. Our journey hasn’t been easy, but our love only grew stronger over time.

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How They Asked

I recently completed my Master’s degree so I decided to have a photoshoot. The location I chose to have my photoshoot done is actually the same place we took our prom pictures together. That morning, a memory popped up on my Facebook and it showed that our prom photoshoot was taken exactly 7 years ago.

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He went down on his knees as we were taking our pictures and behind him was our family and friends. He told me that he had attempted to propose several times but due to COVID-19 and protests/riots, he wasn’t able to do so. I wouldn’t have it any other way. He made our proposal an unforgettable moment and I’m glad that our friends and family were able to witness it.

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Special Thanks

Elizabeth Reynes
 | Photographer