Keyta and Chuck

How We Met

Chuck and I met 2006 in high school we almost immediately fell for one another. Even though it took him forever to ask me out , finally one day we were walking past st. Agnes church in West Chester and I turn to him and say ” when are you going to ask me out” his response was ” well I was going to do it this weekend but will you be my girlfriend” fast forward to 1 kid and 10 years later.

how they asked

On July 30th ( my birthday) we were walking up the street and as were approaching I see his sisters , mother , my cousins our son waiting on the steps of the same church he had ask me out at 10 years ago.

Image 1 of Keyta and Chuck

It still didn’t hit me as they cheered happy birthday and his sister says ” turn around” as I do he grabs my hand. ” keyta I love you, I’ve always loved you ” I couldn’t believe It and next thing I know he’s on one knee and I’m screaming yes!!! We are now 2 kids in shortly after he proposed we found out we were having a baby girl And now I will have my dream wedding in 2 months I’ll marry the first an only guy who stole my heart all while giving me the world!

Image 2 of Keyta and Chuck