Keysta and Christopher

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How We Met

Chris and I met working for TD Bank about 6 years ago. He says from the moment he saw me, he knew that I was the girl. I only saw him as this guy that I work with. Because we had different shifts and were on different teams we didn’t get to talk that much. However every Saturday employees were allowed to sit wherever they liked and we usually ended up next to each other. I remember that he liked to read and he was easy to talk to, but had absolutely no idea how he felt about me! But then, I can be oblivious at times lol. Eventually, as coworkers do, we became friends on Facebook. I stopped working for the bank and lost connection with everyone there. On February 12, 2014 he had posted on Facebook an open invitation to see The Lego Movie in theaters. I just gave the post a like, because that’s what you do on Facebook right?! Moments later I received a Facebook Message asking me if I’d like to go. I spent the day deciding and with influence from a coworker at my new job, I decided to go. We broke the cardinal rule of movie going, we talked to each other. We realized that we had the same humor and how absolutely easy it came to talk to each other even after a few years. From that night on we had constant communication and became boyfriend and girlfriend on April 27, 2014.

how they asked

As most people do, we went to dinner on New Years Eve 2015. That night he seemed off, but as the oblivious person that I am I just thought it was part of the cold he was getting over. It was definitely a romantic dinner. The waitress put us at a table by the window big enough for the two of us. Even though the restaurant was packed, it somehow felt so private. Chris is the guy who wants to make everything for me so special, so that night he told me order whatever I wanted. He kept mentioning dessert, and as he knows I LOVE cheesecake. With that said, he insisted all night that we order cheesecake for dessert. Meanwhile I have this man sitting across from me pale as can be and sweating bullets, yet still not an inch of an idea as to what was waiting for me. At the end, as he insisted, I ordered the cheesecake and he went to the restroom. Next thing I know the cheesecake with the words “Keysta will you marry me?” written in the dish was placed in front of me and there he was on his knee to the right of me. I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Seriously, my head moved up and down frantically before the words even left my mouth. It wasn’t until we sat down and he asked” Does that mean yes? ” and I said” Yes”. In that moment, the commitment phone that I am didn’t exist. I’ve never felt more sure of a decision that I felt at that moment. Afterwards we went to my sister’s house where I ground out that everyone knew about his plan since before Thanksgiving. I couldn’t believe how well kept a secret that was! Especially by my mom, whom he asked permission from, since she is a spill the beans kind of person. This night was a night that I couldn’t have ever imagined.

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