Founder of the Style Weekender, Keyma's Bridesmaid Proposal

Just because you’re engaged doesn’t mean the fun of popping the question needs to stop! If you’re choosing to have friends or family stand by your side, make the moment you ask them to be part of your wedding a fun, memorable event.

It may come as no surprise that we love hearing the “How They Asked” story behind wedding party proposals. We asked Keyma, the founder of Style Weekender, about the inspiration behind her bridesmaid proposal.

“My bridesmaids are friends and family whom I deeply love and trust. I know how much they love me and my fiance, I wanted them to feel appreciated and to be connected to the process of our marriage as well. Hence, I decided to not just ask them to be a part of my bridal party, but instead, to propose to them.”

Keyma has a six member bridal party including her sister as matron of honor, cousin as her maid of honor, and four long time friends supporting her as bridesmaids.

My wedding is a destination wedding and I thought about what could signify that. I came up with the idea of passport holders to signify travel and topped it off with a piece of simple yet chic jewelry engraved with ‘bridesmaids.’ I went with cute bridesmaids bracelets from Alex & Ani.”

“It was hard keeping it a secret and also challenging because I had to ship all but one of the proposal packages. I had to tell each of them as soon as they got their package not to post on social media, this way the others didn’t see what’s in the package before getting it. I must add, I’m the luckiest bride-to-be. My squad is such an easy bunch, extremely supportive, kind and, probably more excited for my wedding than I am, in a good way. We have a group text chat that is filled with love and laughter every single day.”

Images via Style Weekender