Keya and Jamar

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How We Met

I had recently decided to get back on Tinder after moving an hour away from home. My goal was to “casually date” and meet some new people. Jamar was the first and only person I went out with. We went on our first date on March 20, 2019. It was slightly awkward but overall a good date. We went out separate ways and I wasn’t sure if there would be a second date. He called me the next day to invite me to a concert on March 22, just two short days after our first date. I surprisingly agreed. We became “official” on Cinco De Mayo.

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How They Asked

On 05.02.2020, Jamar created a “mystery” proposal by using clues, from our monthly Sunday Fundays. Sunday Funday is a tradition we have had since we first began dating, we go out and have a whole day of dates one Sunday out of every month. I love true crime and psychological thrillers, he incorporated this into the proposal. Jamar’s day started at 5 am when he left to help his brother after a “frantic” phone call. I had been accusing him of being suspicious a couple of weeks prior.

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So when he told me he didn’t want me to come along to check on his brother, I knew something was up. Later in the morning, I received a ransom text, my first clue, and a 90 minute time limit to find him. My best friend, Mel, was in on the plot and drove me from clue to clue. Each place had a large banner of our favorite pictures, attached to the back was my next clue.

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Each clue included significant moments from our relationship that lead me on to the next. Friends and family were at each place to see me along the way. In the end, I beat the time. The final destination was the Bell Tower at Carillon Park. I walked up alongside the “kidnappers”. Jamar waited at the top playing Beyond x Leon Bridges, a song that has been danced to many times in our living room.

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He also dressed in true Leon Bridges fashion. We laughed and celebrated before he dropped to one knee. Of course, my response was “hell yes!”

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Friends and family were there, along with others included who a zoom call who could not make it due to COVID 19. There were cameras set up, literally everywhere. He had a cooler packed full of champagne and we were able to have a small celebration with our loved ones who attended the proposal.

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