Watch Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook Help With this Adorable Marriage Proposal

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How We Met

I was in the city to look for a place to live because I was finished with school and wanted to find a job in the metro at a local hospital (moving from Norman, OK to Oklahoma City) . I knew I’d be moving soon so I went with my friend to look at gyms around the area. After finding a gym to my liking, we decided to grab a bite to eat at a restaurant I had raved and ranted to her about–Saturn Grill. This was one of my favorite spots in the city and a place I had frequented often when I was in high school. We arrived at Saturn Grill, ordered our food and sat down to wait. Across me sat a group of men that were around my age and immediately my attention was drawn to one man in particular in a black shirt. I told my friend, “that guy in the black is kind of cute in a weird way.” Weird, only because he wasn’t the type of guy I would normally be attracted to. Throughout the meal, this man in a black shirt and I kept making eye contact and nonchalantly checked each other out. After we were finished eating my friend and I left the restaurant and began walking to my car… moments later my friend said to me “Felicia, that guy is coming out here…He’s walking towards us.” I turned around and there he was. He introduced himself to my friend and then came to me and introduced himself-“I’m Wilson Taylor, this is kind of weird but here’s my card, I would love to hang out or go to dinner some time.” I still have the card to this day, but being the stubborn gal that I am, I didn’t use it…. So a couple days later, he found me on Facebook and messaged me… this went on for at least a month. I finally gave him my number and we chatted for another 3 months without ever seeing each other again until he invited me to Nick Collison’s birthday party around Halloween… the rest is history.

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how they asked

What started off as a normal Sunday morning, on March 13th- my fiancé had arranged a massage for me because “I had a long week.” I didn’t think much about it, only because I have been fortunate enough to have a caring, sweet man that has always done everything in his power to make me happy. It wasn’t until after the massage when the massage therapist handed me a card that was given to her by my fiancé, which was an invitation to an amazing adventure.

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The card stated that I had two hours to get ready and my next clue would be waiting for me outside of the house….Around 2:30 a stretch limousine was waiting outside to pick me up- the driver handed me my next clue.

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The next clue talked about how I couldn’t have anything but a fresh manicure for a day like today and that I would need to tell him to take me to my usual nail salon to get that taken care of, and that’s where I would receive my next clue.

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At the nail salon I found my mother there waiting for me so that she could join me in getting my nails done. I chose a beautiful red polish and when finishing, my mom handed me my next clue. This clue stated that I would have to go to the place where me and my fiancé first met, “the place where he met his future wife and the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on.” That place was a local restaurant- Saturn Grill.

At this particular location 3 years before, my fiancé followed me to my car just to meet me in mere hopes that he could give me his card so that we could eventually get together at a later time (sounds creepy- we know, we laugh about it all the time). I spoke to my driver and told him where to go, this restaurant that is normally closed on Sunday’s was open- just for me. The owner greeted me at the door and told me I would have to return to the table where I first saw the love of my life and my next clue would be there, somewhere inconspicuous.

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I found it taped under that very table that I had sat at some time before. This next clue was a challenge- I was to meet one of my fiancé’s closest friends at a place where he goes every single day. The note stated “I hope you’ve been working on your free throws.” In a panic, I told the driver to head to the Oklahoma City Thunder practice facility (where he works). Waiting there for me was none other than Russel Westbrook. He greeted me and told me that in order to receive my next clue- I would have to make 2 free throw shots. I managed to do it within 5 tries and was on to my next adventure.

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This clue, said that I have to go to the place where we had our first date, which was also the place where our first kiss took place. There I would have to find another one of his close friends to obtain my next clue. This place was another local restaurant- Empire slice house, a pizza joint where Nick Collison had thrown an annual birthday party at which I was invited to by my fiancé 3 years before. When I arrived, I found Nick waiting for me. I sat down and talked about the incredible adventure I had been on and all the amazing times we had together as a group, we had a slice of pizza and I was given my last clue.

This clue was one that was harder to figure out, because it had been a spot that my fiancé and I had never been to with each other- but stated that it was to be at the Oklahoma Hall of Fame Museum, where an Oklahoma Hall of Fame member would be waiting for me. After I googled the destination and discussed the location of our next stop with the driver, we arrived to the building where Kevin Durant was standing outside on the corner waiting to escort me.

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Kevin assisted me out of the limo and walked me around the corner where I saw the love of my life and best friend standing there with all of our friends and family and most of the Thunder team, including those that I had spent the day with. After giving me my last card, Wilson Taylor (my fiancé) asked me to be with him for the rest of his life. After a slight scream of excitement I said “yes.”

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