Kevin Carl and Camile

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How We Met

Back in 2008, Kevin and I were both in our 4th year in Nursing school but from different universities. I was then single and would go out with friends often, looking for nothing serious. One fine weekend, I received an invitation from a former elementary classmate to have coffee. Since I was free, I willingly went and met her that afternoon. As we chitchat over our Starbucks frappe, some of her other friends were showing up. Kevin was the last one to arrive. It was almost dark when he joined us. We were introduced, shook hands, gave each other a “beso” and nothing extra ordinary except for that curiosity in me about this guy — a little attracted, I guess. Unfortunately, I learned that Kevin was in a relationship that time, so I suppressed the attraction I had for him that might grow into something else. I would meet the group regularly and hangout. Until one day, during one of our group coffee dates, he asked me to congratulate him because he had ended terms with his ex-girlfriend. He was so glad to be single again. (I was glad, too! :D)

Since then, I would go home to his chat messages saying he misses me. I didn’t bother at first believing that he might just be playing around — he seemed to be a playboy kasi. We became constant chatmates and exchange text messages everyday. He would invite me out for dinner, have coffee, see the latest films through which got to know each other more — an instant click! With him, I can be myself, no filters. He even confessed that during our first meetings with the group, he was already interested and drawn to me. <3 He would surprise me and come to my uni or hospital assignment to bring me food, flowers, and chocolates. He’d always make sure that I come home safe that he would walk me to the door every time. He did not rush things and followed my phase. The perfect gentleman, indeed. Our worlds revolved around each other, since then. We were each other’s bestfriend; he became my inspiration, my strength, my everything.

The love between us was unexpected yet was so strong that we bravely called it official on December 26, 2008.

Fate lead us together and faith holds us stronger.

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how they asked

Sharing almost nine colorful years together is one of the greatest blessings I thank God for. It was never easy but I am amazed by how we both manage to still choose each other at the end of the day.

We have reached the point where everyone around us would throw us questions on when are we tying the knot. Of course we’ve got plans for our future. Kevin and I would talk about having our dream wedding and starting a family of our own, but that was all in abstract. We were taking our time trying not to get pressured by anyone or by any other circumstances. I constantly prayed for that special moment he’d ask me to marry him. Though I’ve been patient, there were moments when I got a little bothered by why Kevin wasn’t still proposing — that he might be taking his time too long — like, What is he still waiting for? Is he really serious with me? Am I not that worth it after all? Crazy, right? Some days, I would hold his hand, look straight to his eyes and teasingly utter, “Will you be my husband?” then we’d laugh and he’d assure me “Malapit na (Very soon). Don’t worry” sealing his statement with a kiss.

I did not have any idea that his “malapit na” would be on the day after my birthday.

July 16, 2017, a rainy Sunday, I was feeling grumpy and irritated that I just ought to stay home, but he wanted to cheer me up and told me to get dressed. A few more convincing and we were down the road to get Starbucks. There was silence in the car as I was in a bad mood. He’d try to talk but I’d only nod or answer shortly and in almost a dead tone. While fighting over what to order, my phone rang, it was one of our closest friends, Alvin (who’s one of the accomplices). He wanted to see us to catch up and he told me he’d treat us to dessert since it was my birthday. After having coffee and lightening up my aura, Kevin decided it’s time to go and pick up our friend. We met him at the mall, went window shopping while we gossip. hehehe :D Alvin then demanded that we try the newest dessert cafe, so we went. As we arrive at the restaurant, every table was taken except for one on the right side that has a “reserved” sign. I suggested we take a table on the second floor instead, but Kevin and Alvin didn’t approve and said we’d take the reserved table. Yes, we took it. A waiter asked for our order and while waiting for our food, I requested Kevin to take a groufie. Gawd! The photos were blurred, he was shaking. Then he excused himself to go to the bathroom. Alvin and I were left, still gossiping, when a the music turned up — it was one of our songs. I felt a loud pound in my chest. Why our song and why is Kevin still in the bathroom?!

A few moments later, a number of waiters were bringing us the plates of desserts we’ve chosen, the music started to get louder, people were cheering, someone handed me a bouquet of red roses, I was puzzled, Kevin seated next to me teary-eyed. The last plate placed in front of me had a red velvet box, in it was a stunning, shining diamond ring, and had words, which I wasn’t sure I read right, written on the flat, white dish with some edible sweet syrup. I was then still confused on what was happening. I looked at Kevin while he lead me to the middle of the diner. This is the time I was praying for. My lovely Kevin went down on his knee with the ring, and popped the question, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” I was in tears while I nodded and accepted his proposal. He finally put the ring on it! It felt so surreal and magical!

Familiar faces pooled around us taking photos and filming while still cheering, it was our families. All present, all support! Even my mom was there! (It is very difficult to convince Mamita to go out) That made it even more heartwarming. I was so overwhelmed that Kevin pulled off this surprise wedding proposal so well that I didn’t have any clue until that very moment. It was indeed the happiest moment of my life thus far. I never thought he would do such a surprise for me. I also felt a little guilty for being hard on him earlier that day.

We could not just wait to spend the rest of our lives together. For now, we excitedly plan for our wedding happening in February 2018.

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Love is always patient.