Kevin and Wemma

How We Met

With Wemma we met in suffolk ,uk , a night out from common friends, we start to date from the next day, from the first moment i want to propose to her but wasn’t easy. Now we are four years together.

how they asked

We decide to travel in Santorini for holidays a beautiful island in Greece with wild beauty! I was ready to propose to her there, i think i was ready to do it!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Santorini-Greece

I’ve tried once, I mean, I recently went to Milan / Verona Italy, I didn’t organised anything particularly but thought an opportune moment might show itself to ask her to marry me. Unfortunately, partly down to been so nervous to ask I didn’t go ahead. I just carried the ring with me everywhere! I’ve had the ring for almost a year now! She has mentioned in the past that “when I’m ready” don’t forget to capture it all on camera, but I’ve been having a hard time working out how to co-ordinate it all without her knowing there is no way she would expect me to have organised a film crew!

Where to Propose in Santorini-Greece

15 days before we go in Santorini i contact with maria from Santo Weddings by Mk and Studio Phosart, i explained to them all my story. Maria with a partner Joseph and Studio Phosart planed something amazing of 3 days wedding proposal. I would like make this holiday/proposal very special and memorable for my girlfriend. She has always joked about when I’m ready to put a ring on it, I’d better capture it on camera. She’ll have no idea I hired a whole film crew!

Proposal Ideas Santorini-Greece

Day 1: During our arrival there was hidden cameras around the airport and inside the car all the way to the hotel. The hotel manager gave us some recommendations about the island and highly recommended activities (one of this was the Romantic Open air cinema).

Day 2: We took our first walk in Santorini, I lead Wemma to a square where a promotional event will be taking place. This event is held by a cinephile club and invites couples to attend to a 2 hours screening the will take place in a deserted area with amazing view the next day right after the sunset. The screening will be a montage of the best and most romantic scenes in the history of cinema. I knew all the scenario, and the guys there so 1..must be cool, 2…must press her to attend this event.

Day 3: When we arrive at this beautiful place everyone was “ready for the movie”, but actually there was no movie , I left Wemma some minutes after…..please watch the video to see what follows next….

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Santorini-Greece

Our Video

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