Kevin and Victoria

How We Met

Victoria and I met in college at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. We both worked at the Student Center there at a minimum wage Work-Study job, Victoria worked at the Information Desk and I worked as Event Staff setting up tech for various events that went on there. I would pop into the Student Center whenever I could to see if Victoria was working the desk to chat a little bit, and our relationship grew from there. I would go to the library with her to study (I NEVER liked going to the library) until it closed – and then walk her home almost a mile out of the way from my apartment. She invited me to a sorority formal and we had such a great time – I told my mom the next day that I think she’s the one (we weren’t even dating yet).

Kevin and Victoria's Engagement in Hoboken, NJ

Fast forward a few months to the end of our sophomore year after we made things official – we both interviewed for management positions at the Student Center and ended up getting them, Victoria managed the Information Desk team and I managed the Event Staff team. We spent a ton of time together at work – from organizing meetings and training our teams to decorate the bulletin boards and just hanging around during each other’s shifts. We continued as managers at work for our Junior and Senior years – and graduated in May 2014.

Proposal Ideas Hoboken, NJ

Jumping ahead to a little bit after graduation – I accepted a job up in New York as an Assistant Editor, so I was crashing in my Uncle’s attic who lived in North Jersey. Victoria accepted a job in North Jersey and was commuting 2+ hours from Central Jersey. We decided to make our lives easier and just move in together, so we moved to a small 1 bedroom apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey in January of 2015.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Hoboken, NJ

We lived in that same 1-bedroom apartment for 4 years and that is where our relationship really took off. People thought we were crazy for moving out and living with your significant other at 22 years old, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. We had a ton of fun, grew to love the city of Hoboken and all of its charm and still got to travel a ton which is what we love.

Where to Propose in Hoboken, NJ

During those 4 years in Hoboken we took trips to Spain, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, and The Dominican Republic – and since I work in TV as an Editor, I documented each of our trips and made little short films out of each one so that we can look back and remember each trip in vivid detail. I love being able to go back and watch a 2-minute video and remember specific things from our trips and relive the moment.

We just recently moved to Jersey City – and couldn’t love it anymore, but Hoboken will always hold a special place in our hearts which is why I was certain that’s where I wanted the proposal to go down.

Kevin's Proposal in Hoboken, NJ

How They Asked

The planning was intense – I snuck out about 6 weeks back to ask Victoria’s parents and sisters for their permission to marry their daughter/sister. I coordinated with her dad a few days later and he brought me to the same jeweler he used for his engagement ring nearly 30 years ago on Jewelers Row in New York. I had an idea in my mind of exactly what I wanted to do for the proposal and even mentioned it to my mom probably a year ago, but it wasn’t until I went to the spot to scout it out that I was certain of exactly what my plan was.

2 weeks before the proposal – I went to Hoboken and took a video of exactly what my plan was. I wanted to have 50-ish photos lined up on the waterfront in Hoboken on a railing leading down to the spot where I was going to ask, and then have “WILL YOU MARRY ME” in block letters on the water, with our families waiting and watching in the restaurant just 50 feet away. What we ended up realizing is that Victoria is tricky, and it took a lot of coordinating with her sisters to help pull this off…

In the days leading up to the proposal, her sisters and I decided we had to find a way to get her to the proposal spot without being too suspicious. We went back and forth on plans, and finally ended up landing on a “brunch in downtown Hoboken with her sisters”, and then when we got there they would text us and say that the place had a private event until 1PM and to come meet them uptown to “take LinkedIn pictures”. The plan worked perfectly.

I had told our families, the photographer and videographer to be at Blue Eyes in Hoboken at 12PM and we would arrive sometime around 12:30. My mom and Victoria’s sisters got there early to help coordinate everything, and set up the photos on the railing and letters on the water just like we had planned. The weather couldn’t have been better. 65 degrees and sunny (after being 40 and rainy the day before!). We got out of an Uber in downtown Hoboken and got a text from their sisters that there was a private event at the original restaurant we had planned to go to and that we had to come back a little later, and to come meet them uptown on the water. Victoria and I started walking up the water from Pier A in Hoboken on a short 5 minute walk to Blue Eyes where everything was set up and our families were waiting. She had absolutely no clue about what was going to happen…

I started asking her questions about her favorite memories from our time in Hoboken. We went back and forth on some of them until we got to the walkway where all of our pictures were of these memories. She kept asking me “Did you do this??” “What is this?” and I think it all finally began to hit her about what was about to happen…

We walked down the walkway looking at photos and then I walked her over to the spot where I had “Will You Marry Me” lined up, dropped down to one knee and asked, to a crying, nodding “YES!”

Victoria and I hug and take a few pictures and then Victoria looks up and says “Wait, my mom is here!” and realizes our families were there watching the whole time. We take more pictures with family members and then go up to have lunch at Blue Eyes right behind us. The day could not have been better. My videographer Eric Mann gave me his memory card with the footage from the day before he left, to help me finish off another surprise that I had waiting for her at night.

For the two weeks before the engagement, I had been sneakily working on a video recapping our relationship, filled with Snapchat videos, travel videos and leaving a spot open for me to slot in the proposal footage. Once we got back from the lunch with her family, I told Vic that I needed an hour to put together a quick “45-second recap” of the proposal that I wanted to share with her later that night after dinner. What she didn’t know is that I had been working on this video for weeks and that it was a 5+ minute encapsulation of all of our trips, memories and miscellaneous videos that I’ve had documented for the last 6 years. I finished the video without letting her see, exported it and had it ready to watch later that night.

We had dinner reservations at 7:30 pm that night and this is when the last major surprise came about. In the week or two before the engagement, I had texted all of Victoria’s best friends and a few of mine and told them about my secret plans for the proposal and how I wanted to plan another surprise at night with all of her friends waiting at our apartment after we got back from dinner. I told everyone that we would be out by 7:30 and to arrive at our apartment between 7:45 and 8:30 for when we got back. Her sisters were a huge help with this as well, and I even had to sneak them a key at the proposal earlier in the day without Vic noticing. We finished dinner around 8:45 and I sneakily texted her sisters that we were on the way back and to get ready – and by the time we got back and opened the apartment door, another huge surprise was waiting and Vic was instantly surrounded by all of her best friends that she had called earlier in the day (who had to act surprised about the news, haha!).

I made a toast and thanked everyone for coming and making the day so special and full of secrets and surprises, but that I had one last surprise, the video I made. Everyone gathered around the TV and Vic was expecting a quick 45-second recap of the day but instead saw a 5-minute video titled “The Story of Kev & Vic”, that had the proposal footage from earlier in the day included at the end. We all watched the video, cried, laughed, and everything in between and I don’t think the day could have been more perfect. It was a day I’m sure neither of us will ever forget.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Jenna Myer
 | Photographer
Eric Mann
 | Videographer