Kevin and Shelby

how we met

It was October 12th 2012. We hadn’t seen each other for 6 months but I couldn’t stop thinking about him! I’d gotten out of high school early and was back with some of my girlfriends (in their senior year) for the homecoming game. I never go to football games so this was absolute luck/coincidence/ destiny! I saw him, we hung out all night, and by the end we kissed- the rest is history! 4.5 years later here we are happier than ever.

how they asked

I had never been to Catalina before and had wanted to go for a long time, luckily I got my shift covered so we could go on a day when the weather was perfect! We flew down the coast, the furthest south we’ve flown to Torrence and got breakfast at a cute diner and headed back to the airport for a quick connection to Catalina the Island was hidden behind the most beautiful clouds and didn’t appear until right before we landed on the “runway in the sky.” We went along with one of Kevin’s flight students and his amazing wife Samantha who had set up an opportunity for us to take couple pictures (which we hadn’t done since our first Valentine’s Day). So we saw sights on the island, got some awesome lobster tacos and took pictures along the way. On our ride back up to the airport we got to talk to a native islander all about little known Catalina facts.

After an amazing day on the island with awesome company we came to a beautiful overlook at the top of the island by the runway to take our last pictures before we departed. Kevin pulled out a box of chocolates that had the ring inside of it and dropped to his knee – my heart stopped!

Before I knew it he was telling me words full of love that I will hold in my heart forever and all I could say was yes! The plan behind the whole day, from the special trip to the pictures, all became clear in an instant and I felt so honored! Not only do Kevin and I get to spend the rest of our lives together but we will always have the pictures to look back on, and an amazing day to remember!

Special Thanks