Kevin and Phil

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How We Met

We met at a Caribou Coffee shop in Washington, DC on 14th and Rhode Island (it is no longer there). We met 12 years ago and chose inauguration day as our anniversary since that was one of the very first serious dates (and we went to the inaugural ball of President Bush). Kevin was sitting on a love seat/couch, the coffee shop was packed.

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Kevin moved his stuff when he saw Phil standing against the wall. Then Phil sat down. We aren’t sure who talked to who. Phil was working on his resume and Kevin was studying Chinese. We started chatting. Phil missed an appointment to look at a new apartment. Kevin ran out as soon as he saw it starting to snow and emailed him when Kevin got home.

how they asked

Kevin proposed to Phil on Runyon Canyon. Kevin was expecting a romantic secluded place on top of the hill at the was such a beautiful day that everyone else wanted to be out as well. So Phil and Kevin were both asked to take pictures of people and kids were running around so it wasn’t as secluded as expected. We also were late for brunch plans in downtown Los Angeles, so Phil was trying to rush us down the mountain while Kevin tried to find the perfect time.

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The perfect time was never found, but Kevin started the conversation asking whether Phil ever considered getting married. This is a conversation we had many times, so Phil did not realize that Kevin was actually asking until Kevin had to clarify…”No, I’m asking…do you want to get married.””

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Special Thanks

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 | Photographer