Kevin and Pamela

How We Met

I had heard a lot about Kevin before I even met him. A coworker (now my boss) had gone to high school with him. A couple friends of mine had gone to networking lunches with him. A girl in my young professional’s group even had a crush on him. It wasn’t until a few months later that I had met him in person though. It was March of 2016, and it was the day after my birthday. We first met through a happy hour that our young professional’s group held once a month. We ended up talking all night even though I had brought a date, and I sent a selfie of us to my coworker that had gone to high school with him.

She then asked if we were on a date, in which case I just told her we were at a young professionals event. Just as I was responding, he leaned over my shoulder and asked what she was saying – I immediately got shy and turned the phone away from him. He thought we were laughing at him at the time. It wasn’t until a few months into our dating life that I had to explain that I was embarrassed to show him the text because I didn’t want him to think I was indirectly asking him on a date or coming on too strongly.

That night was our first flirtation, but our relationship had yet to start. Because we had several mutual friends, we would consistently run into each other over the next nine months. It wasn’t until a New Year’s party, however, that we finally traded numbers – and we haven’t stopped talking since then. Our texts mostly consisted of saying the same thing at the same time, which would elicit us to say “jinx” fairly often. One of our jinxes led to me saying that he owed me a coke, and that led to him asking me out for drinks. This was our first of many dates, and we fell very quickly in love. What once was a friendship was now a serious relationship.

how they asked

We took a vacation together with the following Fall to Asheville, North Carolina, and immediately fell in love with the city. One of my best friends (and now bridesmaid) lives there, so I had a special connection. We then decided to go again the following December to celebrate his birthday – or so I thought. Asheville usually has mild weather. Though it is in North Carolina and the South typically has warm weather, Asheville can get a little cooler because it is in the mountains. Although, when we went in December, there was an unexpected snowstorm.

He had planned on proposing at the Biltmore Estate, the former residence of the Vanderbilts – but with nine inches of snow on the ground, it was a challenge just getting there. To make matters worse, the valet Kevin had ordered was closed due to the weather, so we had to take a shuttle two miles to the mansion. The Rose Garden was my favorite part of the grounds, so Kevin planned on proposing there. But with all of the delays, he was losing daylight. We finally arrived at the Estate fifteen minutes before sundown. I took a couple pictures with Kevin, but he was hardly speaking.

I even asked him if something was wrong. Little did I know, he was frantically searching for a secluded and quiet spot to propose. We finally made it to the rose garden as the sun was setting. What was previously a sea of color during our past trip was now draped in white elegant snow. It was somehow even more beautiful. Kevin pulled me off the path and started listing all of the things he loves about me, but it was not until he got down on one knee until I realized that I would be leaving Asheville as his fiancé!

Special Thanks

Robb McCormick