Kevin and Mia

How We Met

What can I say… I finally proposed to the girl of my dreams! Mia and I met 6 years ago on a night out with friends. We instantly connected and the rest was history. We always spoke about marriage openly to one another. Her ideal proposal is to be on top of a rooftop overlooking the city while wearing a beautiful red dress. Year after year, our plans got pushed back due to many financial events that hit us unexpectedly. At some point, she gave up hope since knowing that financially, it just wasn’t possible for me to be able to save up for her ring along with having to deal with what’s life has thrown at us. We stopped talking about it after some time…

Kevin and Mia's Engagement in Downtown San Diego

how they asked

Early last year, I’ve decided to myself that whatever it takes, I had to make it happen and make it up to her. I started the planning by remembering everything she had ever mentioned to me including how she wants the ring, her dress, the location, flowers, etc. It took me a total of 4+ month to contact people/venues in order to make it happen. I notified family, friends, and arranged a story for our puppy Yoshi to be there (something she said was a must).

On March 10th (also her bday weekend), I brought her up to the rooftop of Altitude San Diego Gaslamp’s Helipad, I asked her to marry me. Everything went perfectly with the plan since she thought she was there for a photo shoot. We surprised her first with a “Happy Bday” sign which flipped over to say “MARRY ME?”.

The real kicker to this story is that at the same time, we announced to everyone we were also expecting our first child (we found out 2 weeks prior to the proposal). Though it rained unexpectedly and everyone was a bit wet, I wouldn’t have changed anything.

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I hope you enjoyed our story. This was a 3 part proposal including Bday, Proposal, and Baby!

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