Kevin and Makenzie

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How We Met

A few days before Easter 2017, I (Kevin) was helping load production gear into a high-school, in order to prepare for an upcoming Easter service… It was sweaty, hands-on work made even more difficult by the suffocating Atlanta heat.

As I stood panting in the back of a production trailer, trying to decide which piece of gear to carry next, I heard a bright, cheery voice that contrasted sharply with the grunts and gruff shouts of the rest of the production crew.

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I spun around, and as my eyes adjusted to the sunlight, I got my first glimpse of the woman that would eventually be my fiancé. I was speechless. Awestruck. She brushed past me, grabbing some gear to continue with the rest of the load-in, and I slowly picked my jaw up off the floor.

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We didn’t even talk to each other on the first day—I was too nervous and didn’t want the rest of the crew to think of me (the new guy) as girl-crazy or easily distracted. But eventually, I started working at Passion City Church—the same church where Makenzie worked full-time. We gradually spent time around each other— running into each other around the office and spending time with a group of friends.

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As we did, I continued to learn that Makenzie’s beauty paled in comparison to her character, her kindness, and the depth of her love for people. Our friendship grew deep roots, and I started to think about the possibility of more. The romance was a slow and uneven burn, but neither of us could stop it.

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Eventually, we started going on dates. We started calling each other boyfriend/girlfriend. Started telling each other “I love you.” And finally, on June 27th, on a rooftop in downtown Atlanta, committed to loving each other forever.

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How They Asked

Even before we got engaged, Makenzie and I knew were going to get married, so we jumpstarted the wedding planning process by going on venue tours. I got an event-planner friend of ours to set up a fake venue tour of Ventanas (a venue in downtown Atlanta) and brought all of our out-of-state family in for the weekend.

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On the evening of June 27th, we headed to the venue, starting our fake tour on the helicopter pad on the top of Ventanas, which has a spectacular panoramic view of the city.

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A little earlier, our photographer had placed a couple of my personal journals nearby—as Makenzie looked out at the view, I picked them up and started to read. I’d picked out a few key sections that I’d written about her—from long before we started dating, from the morning after our first date, from the first time that we’d said I love you, and from the day when I knew that she was the woman that I was going to marry.

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I cried a lot; she cried some too. And finally, I asked.

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Special Thanks

Brooke Womack
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring