Lauren and Kevin

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How We Met

Lauren and I met when we were in high school. We were high school sweethearts who were madly in love with one another. At such a young age, that was difficult to find. As the years went on and we grew up a bit, and we began to fade apart. After four years together we decided to call it quits.

For seven long years we went on with life on our own. We both graduated college, got jobs, and went back to school. Life moved on, but there was always that question that lingered, “What if?” What if Lauren and I hadn’t broken up? Would we still be madly in love? Would we be married with kids? These types of questions were constantly on my mind. I knew I had the girl of my dreams, but I had foolishly let her slip away. It wasn’t until last year that I got my second chance. In June of 2015, Lauren built up the courage to reach out to me. The love we once shared, was still there…for me, it had never left.

how they asked

The question that every man faces when asking a woman to marry him is quite simple, “How do I make this special for her?” This question plays games with us. What if our idea is not good enough? What if something goes wrong? This is what makes the act of proposing so difficult. You don’t wan’t to settle for an idea and the majority of the time you’ll find problems with each idea that pops in your head. For me, this was no different. I struggled for months deciding what I should do to make it special. How do I create a memory?

When Friday, December 2nd came around, I knew that was the day; that was the day I was going to ask this remarkable woman to be my wife. I had to be careful not to make it obvious that something was happening that night. I asked my beautiful girlfriend to dinner. We went to a restaurant in downtown Chicago like we had many times before. I ate less than normal, while attempting to deal with the butterflies in my stomach. When dinner was finished, I knew the moment was almost there. We drove further into the city and decided to walk the streets. The Christmas lights were up and everything seemed so magical. My fiancé and I are both longtime residents of Chicago, we’ve lived here our whole lives. Chicago is engrained in us; its become a part of us. I couldn’t envision a better setting. We got to Wrigley Square and began to take selfies. When the moment was right, I turned to the gorgeous woman that I had loved for over a decade and told her how special she was to me. I dropped to one knee and asked her if she would spend the rest of her life with me. A new chapter in the love story we were writing had begun..the best chapter so far.

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Every man dreams of the day when he’ll have the opportunity to ask the love of his life to be his wife. I was lucky enough to experience this with a beautiful woman in front of me and a beautiful city behind me.

Here’s to a second chance in the second city.

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Special Thanks

Michael Oleshko
 | Photographer