Kevin and Kathy

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How we met: If you were to ask Kevin when we first met, it was five years ago when I was sitting on a bench in the main office at the middle school where he works as a band director. I work at the high school that his students eventually attend, so I will occasionally attend meetings there. Kevin walked by me and smiled and I smiled back, that was our first meeting, according to him. Then we didn’t see each other again for a couple of years, but thank God we did because that is when our absolutely perfect love story began.

If you were to ask me when we first met, it was on June 21st, 2013. Kevin, who works closely with the high school band director that I work with, was asked to help at one of the high school graduations. After the ceremony was over a few of us went out for dinner and a couple celebratory drinks at Margarita’s. Our friendship sparked immediately over enchiladas, burritos and margarita’s. We realized instantly that we had the world in common with each other, one of which is that we are both adopted from South Korea! Unfortunately, I was getting out of serious relationship and Kevin made sure to never overstep his boundaries, like a true gentleman. Just when the time was right though, he asked me on our first date and I have been floating on clouds ever since.

Kevin and I were destined to meet in life; there are no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. We are soul-mates.

how they asked: For several years now, Kevin has played in the Guilford Town Band. He is an amazing trumpet player with a passion for music that is more than admirable! Last summer I had the opportunity of going to the concert for the first time. I went with his family and it was a wonderful time! It’s a beautiful occasion where families bring their lawn chairs and blankets and set up for the next couple of hours, picnic style. Throughout the night you hear the sound of the band, the laughter of the families, and the applause from the audience. All-in-all, it’s an amazing experience.

This summer however, was even more amazing! For months Kevin had been planning the “perfect proposal”! However, there were two requests that he knew that I had for whenever he was going to pop the question. One, I wanted my family to be close by, within driving distance. That way I could celebrate the moment with them. Second, I wanted the moment to be caught on camera, preferably by our friend Amy, but iPhones would have been completely acceptable. I want to be able to look at pictures and remember how I felt that day for the rest of my life.

When Kevin first found out about the date of the concert he told me and we put it on our calendar. One night when we were over having dinner with my parents he brought up the concert, and my mother was more than happy to run and put the date on her calendar. She too is an amazing musician, she has been playing the violin since she learned how to walk. I didn’t find it strange that Kevin invited my parents because they have come to his school concerts before and talked about wanting to go to a concert that he would be playing in. A couple weeks later, he secretly went over to my parents to ask permission to marry me. Clearly they agreed!

About a week before the concert my friend asked me if I would be near Branford at all (that’s where Kevin’s parents live) because she would be close by and wanted to get together. I told her I would be at Kevin’s concert, but they are more than welcome to come! One of my other best friends was going to be going away for ten days and wanted to know if we could get together before they left. I told them also, I will be going to the concert, but they are more than welcome to come! Both of them said they planned on coming! Of course they knew where I would be and knew I would ask them to come! Man, he’s good!

The day before Kevin’s concert is very crucial to tell. One of my best friends thought it would be a good idea for us to get together over manicures! I had nothing better to do, so I figured, why not! So my nails were especially beautiful for Saturday!

Finally, the day he asked! The day was going on as normal. Kevin drove himself to the concert since he needed to be there early. One of my best friends was trying to get me to ride with them, but I turned them down to get there early to pick a good spot (it fills up fast). We had a large group coming, Kevin’s family, my parents, and a few friends! I thought the concert was going on as planned, but little did I know…Kevin’s mom had been texting Amy, our photographer friend, to wait until the final song “The Stars and Stripes Forever.” All the while, Kevin’s father and uncle were trying to locate the photographer that Kevin had asked to come and capture the moment, Amy! They spotted her hiding under a willow tree and discussed the plan. The concert had come to an end and Kevin started walking over to where we were all set up.

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All of a sudden, he gets down on one knee and opens his trumpet case and starts saying, “Well Kath, you know I love you with all of my heart”, and immediately my eyes started filling with tears of pure happiness and love.

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He then said a few more things that I can’t recall because I was overfilled with joy! Then I heard the magical question and I came back to reality, “Will you marry me?” I stood up and said “Yes!”

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I remembering hugging him so hard, I almost knocked him over.

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Then out of no where I see our friend Amy, an amazing photographer, there snapping pictures! It was the most perfect proposal! He even planned a dinner after with our friends and family with amazing food and drinks! Everything was perfect! Kevin truly completes me and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him!

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