Kevin and Kaleigh

Marriage Proposal Ideas in A gazebo that overlooked the city of Dayton.

How They Asked

We had this spot that we always went to randomly on days that we spent together. It’s a gazebo at the top of the hill near the University of Dayton and in one spot you can overlook the entire city. We would go there and just sit and talk and enjoy the beauty of nature around us. We’d gone during the day and at sunset but never at sunrise. One morning Kevin said he wanted to watch the sunrise up there with me and then go get a nice brunch. So we picked a fancy restaurant and got all dressed up and left super early to watch the sunrise. Little did I know he had a photographer there to capture this amazing moment.

Kevin and Kaleigh's Engagement in A gazebo that overlooked the city of Dayton.

Kevin told me to pose with my back turned to the skyline so he could take a picture of me, and when he was “done” he told me to turn around to look at the picture he took & there he was down on one knee. Instant crying from me & of course a joyful yes.

Special Thanks

Chase Prikkel
 | Photographer