Kevin and Julie

Kevin and Julie_8

how we met

Kevin and I had met a little over 2 years ago at a bar. The funny thing is, we met because he was trying to hit on my friend. I guess you could say fate had a different plan though. We continued to get to know each other at random outings and finally decided to go on a couple of dates. He had a thing for my fine dining skills, and a great beer to go with it! A year later we moved in together with our 2 cats and a dog. We’ve celebrated birthdays, events, and holidays, with me as the primary cook. I’ve even taught him the art of buying me the perfect Kate Spade designs for special occasions. If we aren’t out scouting items at antique stores to repurpose, we’re hanging out with our pets relaxing on the couch watching horror movies. I couldn’t ask for anything else, or a better person to spend the rest of my life with.

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how they asked

We had hired Melissa to take our fall photos last year, because we were due for some professional pictures. We planned on using them for our Christmas cards, and I absolutely loved the view of the Rose Garden in the fall. Little had I known, Kevin and Melissa had a huge, I mean, HUGE surprise waiting for me. Melissa had us posed for some pictures, and while she was adjusting her camera settings, she told us to just hang out for a bit.

Kevin and Julie_9

This was in the middle of our photoshoot. So we hang out and all of a sudden I see him get down on one knee.

Kevin and Julie_1

Kevin and Julie_2

I had no idea what to do after that. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe he was about to ask me what I thought he was going to ask.

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I saw that beautiful Tiffany ring, and then he asked me to marry him- in the best Korean dialect he could possibly do – I couldn’t help but laugh, because he actually said it in Korean pretty well. I obviously said yes.

Kevin and Julie_6

Kevin and Julie_7

I have no idea how those two pulled it off, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was wondering why Kevin was so up for taking pictures this time, so it finally all made sense. I’m so glad I have these moments to remember and share with others!

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