Kevin and Bethany's Alpaca Photobomb Proposal

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How we met

It’s as simple as… we met on a dating website. “Mr. Scandalous” using this as one of his many ways to lure in the ladies, and me definitely not expecting to land a husband from this. I had rules, rules that couldn’t be broken. I knew from all of the bad relationships that my expectations were probably unrealistic and they left the list of “No-Nos” pretty extensive. Mr. Scandalous messaged me in 2010, looking for his next “fling” I now know. I entertained the idea, but we never met in person. I’m sure I was still trying to fix whatever broken man I was allowing to treat me bad at the time. Fast forward 3 years later, same Mr. Scandalous, same website, different ending. Even though I’m positive he never remembered his first attempt, he tried again. This time I decided just from the few pictures and brief conversations I had with him that he wasn’t like the rest.

I couldn’t have been more right. He was 32 years old, been Mr. Scandalous the bachelor all his life, and had 2 small boys. This broke ALL of my rules. But he also had the bluest eyes I’d ever seen, made me laugh like no one else in the world, and eventually made me feel completely lost when I wasn’t with him. I know I completely disrupted his routine and the bachelor life he had become so accustomed to and I spent a lot of time terrified I couldn’t possibly handle the responsibility of committing to this relationship. Once we both took a deep breath and saw how every piece of our lives fell together, it no longer became so scary. Sometimes the path we have set for ourselves isn’t the one we end up on, and sometimes that leads to the most amazing life ever. I couldn’t have written our love story more perfectly, and to know he feels the same way makes me the luckiest girl in the world. It could be as simple as to say “we met on a dating website,” but we know the stars aligned to bring us together.

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how they asked

I guess I had been lied to for quite sometime while he did some pretty amazing planning!! Back in April, Kevin told me he wanted to get some summer pictures done of the boys. One of his closest friends, John Myers, had taken some of us the fall before, so I was excited, just not to the extent I should have been. In the months leading up, Kevin had asked my parents for their blessing and been really sneaky never letting me have a clue. If you knew him, you would know keeping secrets isn’t one of his virtues. The week before I kept asking him questions about the location and what we should wear. He blew me off every time saying that it didn’t really matter and it wasn’t going to be big deal.

Two days before, he tells me that John had called and asked if we wanted to do them at an Alpaca farm. I said “yes, the boys will love that!” When what I really meant was yes, I will love that! We get to the most beautiful property of the Hidden River Alpaca Farm and are greeted by the most wonderful owners. The boys take off to see the adorable alpacas and the fun begins! I don’t think any of us remembered we were there to take pictures, at least I didn’t. We got the tour of the property and the chance to feed and love on the alpacas while John is working his magic behind the camera. Teresa Johnson, one of the owners, had me and the boys on a golf cart and politely asked me if she could drive them down the driveway. John prompted that this was a good opportunity to get some shots of just me and Kevin. So I naively walk back into the petting area completely distracted and by the time they got my attention, I turned around to see the man of my dreams on his knees behind me!

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This is the moment I totally forgot we were in a field of alpacas and only saw him!! These pictures really sum up our personalities and John knew exactly how to show it through his work. I have never been so grateful to be lied to and for such good friends who knew how to make this day one to never forget!

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Special Thanks

John Myers Photographer
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