Kevin and Ana

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How We Met

We met on one of the luckiest days of the year, St. Patricks Day, March 17, 2010. It was a typical night for me, I worked late and a friend asked me to go to the The Old Towne Pub in Pasadena with her to watch our friends band perform and enjoy St. Patty’s Day. I was hesitant as I worked a long day and was ready to call it a night. Something came over me and my mind changed and I became excited to go. We got there and I began to mingle with all of my friends and photo bomb their pictures to be funny. One friend in particular called me over and introduced me to her cousin. She extended her hand out and said to me, “Hi, I’m Cecy”. She was beautiful, youthful, free spirited, glowing and had an aura to her that I could never describe only take in.

The moment we shook hands and I felt her touch I looked into her eyes and I seen a reflection of my own soul. I felt I knew her my entire life yet I had only met her. We went about our business and the ended. Shortly after her cousin would want to meet up so we did and hung out. This was the start of what to me was a new life.

That period of my life was difficult as personal issues were present rather dominantly and fresh new life sequences were a necessity. I found myself being attracted to her more and more emotionally, of course physically but the emotional aspect was beyond any comprehension. We would talk all night and find any excuse to text. When we would be out and about and lose each others sight we would look for each other for the peace of mind that we were near. Automatically I found myself looking after her and taking care of her. She is 6 years younger than me but my goodness her maturity level and way of thinking is that of a very experienced adult. This always caught my attention because we talked about any and everything and in depth too. I played in bands and she would go out of her way to always make it out to my shows and support our music and good times. My mind became so wrapped around her, I could not get over how perfect and amazing this girl was. She literally was everything I ever wanted and more. She was the dreams I had of a perfect life with a life long partner that would make my life worth everything. As our friendship grew and grew I felt the love between us and it was as an unconditional love.

No words were needed to be spoken because our souls had already became entwined and love had wrapped around us and cradled us together. One night she confessed her love to me and she kissed me tenderly and when I felt her lips against mine it all made more sense and this was the missing piece of our love puzzle, the confirmation and life flash when a window to our hearts met. On October 29, 2011 we talked about where we were heading and how we wanted to in a sense further our friendship and take a step to dating and her words to me were, “Let’s take things slow…like turtle slow”.

I laughed because she always has had a way of phrasing things. I was already committed to her and only her and I agreed to take things “turtle slow”. Shortly after on January 3, 2012, I asked her to be my girlfriend. I could not get enough of her, we still talked for hours on the phone and texted novels to each other and would find any excuse to see and be with each other. For the next few years life’s wonderful tests surfaced and obstacles came our way. Not problems with us or our relationship but family issues, illness, obstacles to life and career advances. We stuck to each other and our support only grew stronger. Her incredible strength was the light of my path, her understanding and outlook on life. She made me a better man and I am forever grateful for her. Our path cleared and light grew brighter and after nearly 6 years together what was long over due and a dream for us finally became a reality….

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how they asked

I thought and thought of the perfect plan for a proposal. I wanted to take her back to the same exact spot and location where our lives changed forever, where we met…The Old Towne Pub. I had her ring in my possession and boy did it burn a hole through my hand, it brought tears to my eyes because it was a ring fit for a queen, my queen and she deserved nothing but the best.

I contacted her best friends and close family and friends from her side as well as mine. I got with my sister and formatted the perfect plan. She reached out to Cecy and my other sister that her and her husband had some big news to share. Immediately Cecy’s mind went everywhere from, they were moving to she’s having a baby! So I had to think of a way to get Cecy to get her nails done and wear something elegant for her proposal. We sent her to a spa day with my 2 sisters and this was to supposedly calm my sister down before the big news.

After, a dinner was to follow for the unveiling of the news. My brother in law and I were to meet them all for dinner to be a part of the news sharing. So after the spa they headed to The Old Towne Pub where my sister’s husband allegedly knew the owner and had the place decorated for the “news” and following the announcement was dinner to celebrate. My brother in law and I get to the Pub and start to setup the slideshow I made and direct our family and friends to their spot. The owner and bartender of the bar were so helpful and I could not thank them enough for letting me use their bar. I get notification that the girls are on their way so we were all ready and my goodness I was a nervous emotional wreck and I could not wait to see my Cecy!!

They arrive and blindfold her, signifying how we were blinded the night we met and did not realize how our life would end up, the bartender shuts off the music and I start to play “So This is Love” from Cinderella. They walk her to the stage, this signifying our life revolving around music and me presenting to her our life, where the slideshow is setup and sit her down. Her best friends are standing behind as they have been her support and backbone all of her life. The inside of the bar is empty and all of us are in the back patio of the bar hidden from view. She watches the slideshow which are pictures of us since we have known each other and music to go with it are some of our songs that we identify with and have lyrical meaning to the progress of our relationship. I end the slideshow with “Somebody” by Depeche Mode and the lyrics could not be more fitting.

Her friends all have white roses they present to her which symbolize true love and new beginnings in life. Her friends walk her outside where she is overwhelmed with lights, cameras and everyone close to her. She walks over to the spot where we got introduced surrounded by friends and family cradling us symbolizing the union of us two. I have never in my life seen such a beautiful image, she was an angel, my love, my life, my future wife walking to me with such a glow and confusion of what is happening but also excitement and knowing what is in store for her. I speak to her on my love for her and my promise to always take care of her and put her first. I got down on one knee as a symbol of all of my respect for her, I presented her ring to her and I asked her to marry me and live out the rest of our lives together here on this earth.

Hearing her say yes was everything to me, feeling her jump into my arms and hearing our confessions of our love was so surreal and a dream come true. I placed the ring on her finger and sealed it with a kiss and the entire time I only saw her and no one else. Nothing mattered in the world only her and seeing her happy. The night was perfect and by far the best night of my life.

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