Amanda and Kevin


How We Met

My fiancé Kevin and I met when I was 16 through a mutual friend. As soon as we met I knew there was something there, some kind of connection, some spark, but he had just gotten into a relationship and I had been dating my high school sweat heart for 3 years.

That initial connection we had didn’t fade though, we became best friends. We were both in terrible emotionally abusive relationships and we were there for each other through it all, it never clicked that we may be right for each other.

Until one day I remember perfectly we were sitting on his bed jokin around and wrestling as we had done so many times before I looked over at him and he was just looking at me. It was “that” look. “What?” I said and he said “nothing”, but in that moment when our eyes met that’s when I knew.

That was the moment I knew i was in love with him. We started dating not too long after that, my first week at college. We’ve talked about that one day, that day our eyes met in his room and he says that that was when he knew he loved me and that we had to be together.

how they asked

It was Halloween, my absolute favorite holiday. He had taken off work on Monday and Tuesday to visit me at college and go out for Halloween. I thought it was a little weird but he said it’s my last time to celebrate Halloween as a college student and he wanted to be with with me because he knows how much I love it.

He convinced me to do a beauty and the beast themed Halloween (I wanted to be a koala and a eucalyptus tree) because I love Disney and everyone has always told us that we were the real life beauty and the beast. So I come home from class earlier that day and my best friend from childhood, who moved to Florida about 2 years ago, is there and surprises me! It was amazing, I hadn’t seen her in months! It turns out my boyfriend had paid for her flight so she could come see me.

It was a little suspicious but he doesn’t things like this all the time so I thought he was just being nice because he knew I was missing her. Fast forward to later that night we are all getting ready to go out and my roommates boyfriend asks him if he can help move stuff from his car so we can fit everyone.

Why friends and I finish getting ready inside and we call the boys to see if they were ready, it was a very cold night and we didn’t want to wait outside in our dresses. My roommates boyfriend calls her and tells her that the car is all cleaned out and to come downstairs, so we do. We get to the front door and I don’t see our boyfriends.

The next thing I know my friends are blindfolding me and leading me out the door! We walked for what seemed like forever and when we finally stopped walking and they took the blindfold off, there he was. My very own prince. I open my eyes and there he is standing under and archway of lights.


I walk toward him and realize the thing on the table next to him is a encased rose and in the case with the rose is the ring.


That’s when he got on one knee and asked me to marry him.


My best friend, my prince gave me my very own fairytale.