Alexandra and Kevin

How We Met

Kevin and I always knew of each other, but never got the opportunity to really get to know much about one another aside from names. We attended the same middle school and high school and our worlds continued to cross paths, but it was one night that started our journey. A familiar face walked into my surprise 21st birthday with a best friend of mine and our friendship began. We spent countless hours being nothing more than truly great friends that cared so much about one another. As the years went on, our friendship developed, grew and blossomed into a relationship.

how they asked

Kevin has a hard exterior, but a heart of gold. Through out the years he would buy 25 cent machine jewelry as a joke. but each one of those little containers were saved because they were a piece of Kevin. On August 22, 2015 the day started as any normal Saturday. I woke up, hit the gym, came home to make breakfast and await for the arrival of my best friend Cairo and his wife Dennys. As we were getting ready Kevin gave me a 25 cent container that held a necklace that I chuckled at then hid away to my stash box of the collection I had. As our friends arrived we got excited to take our city friends out East for the day. We enjoyed lunch at our favorite spot, Love Lane Kitchen and then continued out East to taste some champagne at Sparking Pointe. After an amazing day with our best friends we went to take some pictures together. Kevin being his witty self pulled out another 25 cent container that had a skull ring inside. We all laughed since this was a typical move for Kevin. He then proceeded to say “this next one cost me 2 bucks at King Kullen and it took me 10 minutes of inserting quarters to get the right one” as I rolled my eyes and said oh my gosh Kevin let’s go we are going to miss our dinner reservations he pulled out a red box that was most certainly not a 25 cent container. Kevin proceeded to get down on one knee, opened up that box and said “Alexandra, will you finally marry me?” Me, in total shock responded “oh my gosh this isn’t a joke right? this is really real?” As my best friends were crying and laughing along side with me Kevin being Kevin said “of course it’s real this is not punked, is that a yes?” Of course it was an absolute YES! I got asked the easiest question by my soul mate, best friend and my forever.