Kevin and Aaron

How We Met

We first met at work. Although we worked in different departments, we would see each other in the hall and would exchange a few words or share information regarding our participants. We are both extremely shy so it took some time before we actually had a real conversation with each other.

How They Asked

Kevin proposed on my birthday. He took me to the fine dining area at Anson 11 which is an upscale restaurant. I had asked him not to spend a lot of money because I wanted us to save money for our vacation. Kevin pulled out all the stops, he asked if he could order for us and I agreed- he ordered the 5 course tasting menu which included a wine pairing with each plate. When it was time for dessert, he said- “I know you didn’t want me to spend a lot of money tonight but I don’t see it as spending a lot of money- I see it as spending the rest of my life with you”. I gave him a puzzled look and then the waiter presented me with dessert plate which had “Will you marry me” written on it in chocolate. I started to ‘ugly cry’ as Kevin got on his knee and asked me himself. It was a total surprise. Kevin had called the restaurant beforehand and gave them all the details of how he wanted everything to happen.

Special Thanks

Cortiella Photography
 | Photography
Vizcaya Museum & Gardens
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