Kesia and James

Image 1 of Kesia Maria and James

James and I have been dating since the spring semester of our junior year in high school. At first, he was just a guy in my AP classes that we weren’t allowed to sit next to each other because we would distract one another for talking too much. From high school, we continued our relationship in college. He has his own interests, and so do I. However, one thing is for sure is that we have remained interested in each other after all these years and have continued to want to be in each others lives.

Image 2 of Kesia Maria and James

During Easter weekend, we both traveled out to Denver, Colorado to check out places to live after graduation. On March 26, he wanted to take me out on a post-birthday dinner, away from the family. I was not that suspicious that he would propose because I thought that 1. he would not do it over dinner (we take dinner seriously) and 2. none of our family members that were there, were acting suspicious. As we prepared to make our way to dinner James goes, “Actually, I have a surprise. We’re not going to dinner at the place I originally told you”. He told me he was taking us to private dining in a different location. Still, I was not suspicious because I we were in a beautiful city and surely he wanted to show me other sites. He then took me to the middle of Downtown Denver to the clock tower and we go to the 17th floor. There in the clock room, there’s roses all over the floor and classical music in the back. In the middle of the room he takes my hand says how he wants to start a new life with me there and as he gets down on his knee, I begin to cry. Then, he asked the words I have been waiting for him to say, “Will you marry me?” and the rest is a happy yes.

Image 3 of Kesia Maria and James