Kerry-Jade and Brian

Image 1 of Kerry-Jade and Brian

How We Met

My fiancé is younger than me, not very common with him being in school and me in University! He was friends with my younger sister. He was with some mates and they asked me for a ride. He was being a typical male and passing comments at my driving, which I was cheeky back with him and my replies.. needless to say the attitude and fire lead to us still being together now almost 10 years!

How They Asked

We had been living in China for 1 year working as teachers. We planned an American holiday for August school holidays. My parents flew from South Africa to join us (little did I know my dad was bringing up the ring for Brian). It was our second night in New York and we wanted to go to Central Park. We were walking around and it was sooo busy (and my partner is an introvert so this wasn’t the romantic moment he had envisaged). After me being clueless and complaining I was tired of walking and hungry for dinner, we stumbled upon a quiet area in Central park, that looked a little like a forest vibe, as we walked more we came upon a waterfall. Brian had a key statement he arranged with my parents and so with that he dropped the knee, camera phones were rolling and my man asked me to be with him forever!! Covid has ruined my engagement period so I would love nothing more than to win this prize and celebrate in style with my family and friends! We now live in Canada and want to travel back to South Africa for our wedding!