Kerry and Stephen

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How We Met

For three weeks Kerry had attempted to chat me up. As some of you may know I do not do well with blank profiles or uncompleted information. So after many attempts I was able to get it through Kerry’s head that if he wanted to finally meet, I needed his pic and completed profile. Well I finally was able to get through to him. That following Sunday we exchanged numbers and began talking a bit more.

After a few chats, I invited Kerry over for red beans and rice on Monday ( aka WASH DAY). Monday came and Kerry arrived at my apartment. ( Buster Brown was not fond of Kerry at this moment) The initial hello and smiles on our faces were instant. Of course Kerry stayed for dinner. As I was finishing up the red beans, we talked more and got to know one a bit better; I began to fix the table to set for dinner with a salad. As I was opened the salad bad ( my hands were shaking due to my nerves), the bag opened and salad went all over the floor. You could say I turned 50 shades of red.

As most of you know Kerry being the sweet and polite gentle soul he is, he giggled and began helping me pick up the salad. You can say that that didn’t turn Kerry away. Many dates and times were spent together. On July 8, 2013 as we were driving back from my best man “Hoby Givens” friend’s house; I asked Kerry if he would want to be my boyfriend. The song “Broken Road” was playing on the car’s radio. Of course Kerry said, “YES”! :)

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Now let’s fast forward to the engagement.

how they asked

It’s mid November 2016 and Kerry’s engagement ring had been bought for a month now, but when is the right time to “POP” the question? You see our circle of friends love celebrating one another’ birthdays. Most of the time it’s a surprise or the birthday boy or girl don’t find out about it till 2 weeks before. Light bulb goes off in my brain! This is when I will get down on one knee. Kerry will not be thinking anything else, but planning my bday in January. How do I pick the place, get our close circle of friends and family there and not give “the proposal” away? I’l chose a different location that we have celebrated at before.

And so I did just that when I was asked what I would like to eat dinner at for my birthday. I go and visit the owners of Phillip’s Uptown. I tell them what I am planning and if they could help me pull this off, but not raise any flags to Kerry as when he would be booking and running the show. Little as Kerry didn’t know that it would become my show and planning once we arrived for dinner on January 9, 2016. Music was selected to begin playing after dinner and cake had been served. Music I selected were songs that had meaning from a time of our dating the past 3 years leading up to “the proposal”. But there was still certain family members and friends of Kerry that I had to get there without telling them or possibly it getting out to Kerry or he would think there is something else was going on also. So I had to let a few in on the secret to get them there that night. A few days maybe a week before my birthday celebration, I ran it by Kerry on his thoughts of having “the ones” there celebrating with us that night. He liked the idea. Perfect!

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Now we have made it to the night of the proposal. I was a bottle of nerves all day! Those who had a part to play before I “crashed” my own birthday party, knew what they had to do in order for this to be pulled off. We go through dinner, presents, and my birthday cake. Now music that I had selected and given to the DJ begins to play softly. My best guy friends goes up to the head of the table and begins to give a speech.

I interrupted Hoby to take over the mic and have the spotlight on me. I begin to thank those for coming etc etc and I walk up closer to Kerry and say my leading up to spill before “the question” is popped. Now you hear the music real good by this point. I step closer to Kerry and say ” there is still one thing I am missing in my life, it’s you with me forever and as my partner”. The question follows as I am bending on one knee and pulling out the ring box from my suit pocket. Kerry said “YES”! Duh! Cries, screams, claps, yells are going on by this point. Toasting is happening, drinking are pouring, congrats are happening. SUCCESS!

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To end “OUR STORY”. I say “Gotcha. I crashed your party! ” I will always have the upper hand, lol. And more kissing and hugging is still happening. Now where is my drink at?

I “Stephen Douglas” crashed my own birthday party at Phillips bar in New Orleans, LA. The staff of the bar and select few of the attendees at my birthday celebration were in on it. EPIC!

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