Kerry and Robert


It was just another Sunday in November. Rob and I had tickets to the NY Jets game on November 13th – thanks to friends who did not want to attend their season ticket-holding game that day.

Rob had packed his car up with the grill, food, beer – the usual tailgating necessities. That morning, however, Rob and I noticed an oil leak under his car. Not taking the chance driving it into New Jersey, Rob unpacked the car and put everything in my car. At that moment, Rob had to take the ring out the car without me knowing, and somehow strategically put it in my car without me knowing.

Rob and I arrived at MetLife Stadium and began tailgating. While grilling burgers and hot dogs, and having a few beers, I was sitting in a chair and looking at her phone. She went on SnapChat and noticed that our friend (the future best man’s sister) was at the game. Rob was glad to know that someone else he knew was there, for reasons to be explained shortly. Rob began texting Elissa, and I had no idea why.

As the game was ready to start, Rob and I began walking toward the stadium to get through security. At this moment, Rob had the ring in his pocket and began saying, “Since when did they have metal detectors at this stadium?!” We’ve been to many games before, and they’ve always had metal detectors, but Rob was very nervous that security would expose the ring. Rob strategically took the ring box out of his pocket, placed it under his wallet and into the “airport security-like” buckets to get through the scanning process. Success! Rob grabbed his belongings, and Rob and I were on their way into the stadium.

The game continued – beers were consumed, and cheese fries were devoured. Rob was still texting our friend throughout the game to see if she would be able to join us on the field after the game. I asked Rob, “Hey, maybe she can somehow get us on the field! I’ve never been on it before.” Rob stopped what he was doing, looked at me and replied, “I was going to wait until half time to tell you, but yes. We are going on the field. But I got us on the field. I called MetLife Stadium, and got our names on a list. We are going on the field after the game. Happy early birthday!” I was elated, and definitely surprised. I fell for the “happy birthday,” because my birthday was only 3 weeks away.

After a brutal Jets loss, 9-6 against the Los Angeles Rams, Rob and I walked over to the area for on-field entry. 100-200 people were waiting in line to enter the stadium as well. After a few minutes, they finally entered the stadium and met our friend at the 50-yard line. She offered to take pictures of us. Rob suggested the end zone to take pictures, and after a few regular photos, he got down on one knee and popped the question. After many tears of joy, I said yes.