Ola and Kerry


My girlfriends and I were supposed to go clubbing July 27th 2013- one of my friends was asleep so she wasn’t able to make it. My old friend called up this guy who I met once before for a quick second as I drove by him with my friend. We talked and danced all night(stole my fries and drinks) and was just so fun. We got to kissing and dancing. When the night was over I ended up driving him home and gossiping with my friend. I told her I’d love to get his number. Later that nigit I texted him if he’s awake and wants to go for a drive- he said yes. We went around driving for a bit and I took him to my favourite spot- Port Credit on the marina docks. We spent a few hours talking and I knew from that day I felt something for this guy I never thought I’d feel…  Especially finally accepting single life. (now to the proposal).

We planned to go to the Mississauga waterfront festival at Port Credit for awhile… Rides, games and our spot. It was so fun- so many memories. It was June 18th 2016. He was acting all weird… I was pushing to go to the movies and he wanted to sit and talk. We sat on a bench on the marina and talked about who loves the other more and how we knew from day 1. He then pulled out the ring… I didn’t even cry. I’ve been waiting because I knew he was my one, my future and the love of my life. I caught two bouquets at wedding that year so… We both knew he should hurry up.

And now, I finally get to marry this amazing and beautiful man. The one I waited for and came into my life at just the right time.