Kerry and Mark

How We Met

Mark and I have known each other for a very long time. We met in art college and dated for 6 years through college and after, then I was a jerk and broke up with him. We completely lost touch and I married someone else. I never let Mark go from my heart and mind. I ended up with breast cancer at a young age which made me evaluate everything about my life including my relationship with the person I was married to. I only loved him as a friend and we both came to realize that he and I were together to help me through the cancer. In my realizing life is short and my quest for ultimate happiness I let him go. Part of my healing process was to apologize to the people I felt I had done wrong and emailed Mark an apology, I had no other intention but to apologize. At that point I hadn’t seen or spoken to him in 9 years. I never expected him to get back to me but he did and we started talking and one thing led to another. He had never married and never stopped thinking about me either. We were meant to be together. I always new that and he did too. We had a ‘new beginning’ first date at the garden at Crane Estates in Ipswich MA. We started exclusively dating again from then on.

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how they asked

After 4 years of dating we decided to have a baby. When I was pregnant with our son, 6 years ago, we had an intimate private promise-to-marry ceremony and exchanged promise rings in the same garden at Crane Estates. Three years later while traveling back to the garden at Crane Estates for my 40th birthday he gave me an engagement ring and an on-one-knee proposal. And now two years after that we’re finally getting married. The wedding will be on the date we got back together 10 years ago. A love story 23 years in the making!

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