Kerry and Lorin

how we met

We met in high school! We were just walking down the hallway and noticed each other. One day Kerry decided to message me on MySpace and we have been together ever since!

how they asked

It was a Friday night that we planned to go to have a date night up at the National Harbor when Kerry said we had to stop by Bowles Farm to hang a sign real quick with his friend. I said ok and tried sitting in the truck but he insisted I get out and we walk around while waiting for his friend. I complained because I had booties on and didn’t want my feet to hurt but I got out instead. We walked through the mini corn maze which is a short easy maze while we waited for his friend. I was trying to rush through but Kerry kept stopping me to hug me and kiss me to give his cousins more time to set everything up. I kept rushing and telling Kerry to hurry up because I’m hungry and want to go back to the truck but again he kept kissing me and hugging me. We finally made it out of the corn maze and that’s when I saw all the pumpkins carved saying “Will you marry me?”

Special Thanks

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