Kerry and Lawrence

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How We Met

We started working together at a small tech company on the same day in June of 2014. We were both a bit shy at first, but we started opening up to each other at one company happy hour where The Lord of the Rings was the topic of conversation. We realized we were both huge fans (and huge nerds), and our friendship started to grow. We spent the next few months getting to know each other, going out to lunch, filling each other in on new bands, and throwing glances across the office. We “showed our hands” at the company holiday party that January and learned that we were both interested in each other all along. Now we’ve been dating ever since, and we’re getting married almost 5 years to day that we first met!

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How They Asked

Inspired by our love for Tolkein (and each other), we scheduled a trip to Northern Washington State to a hole in a ground, where we planned on spending the weekend living like Hobbits. There is a tiny home near the stunning Lake Chelan that was modeled after the Hobbit homes from the Lord of the Rings movie, and it was there, just upon arrival, that Lawrence popped the question. Afterwards, we enjoyed a romantic, secluded weekend in wine coutnry. “One ring to rule them all!”

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