Kerry and Kent's Halloween Marriage Proposal

halloween marriage proposalHow we met: I met Kent several years ago at the Vineyard, a hole-in-the wall bar in town. My brother Ryan had a gig there, and he already knew Kent through music because they both play guitar. Ryan asked him to join him on stage and he played/sang a song. I was hooked! I told Ryan I wanted that Kent guy for Christmas…he could just wrap him up and give him to me. Well…my brother didn’t do much in the match-making department, and I didn’t see Kent again until at least a year later.

Kent went to another of Ryan’s gigs, this time at a local restaurant. My sister-in-law, Danielle, called me from the gig and told me I’d better hurry and get over there. She didn’t really remember Kent, but I had been talking about him since the last time I met him! She told me there was a cute guy named Kent there, and he just had to be the one I had been talking about. I dressed all up and went to the gig and pretended like I didn’t remember him. We figured out later that we both, in fact, remembered each other quite well and had each done our share of friendly stalking :)

how they asked: Kent dressed up like a groom for Halloween! It was like any other Halloween. I wanted to do the whole matching couple costume thing, which I had convinced Kent to agree to if the costumes were cool enough. The original idea was for me to be a geisha girl, and Kent was going to be a samuri. We looked all over for a samuri costume and had trouble finding one that he liked. We were having our annual family/friends halloween party at my parents’ house, and I had to be out of town the entire week prior for work. Kent told me he was going to find his costume online, but I was skeptical that he would remember to buy anything. When I returned home from my trip, he told me he wasn’t going to be a samuri, but he was going to be something similar that would still match me. He was being mysterious about his secret costume, so I didn’t ask too many questions.

halloween proposalAs the party was getting started Kent was helping set up everything, and he still hadn’t put on his costume yet. Finally, as people started to arrive, he made a show of rolling a huge suitcase past me and into the bathroom. Then he took almost 40 minutes in the bathroom getting ready!! Later, I discovered that his time in the bathroom was spent writing the “Directions for wearing this tux,” which are pictured below. By this time, me, Trinity, and all of our friends were thinking he was going to come out in some sort of elaborate dragon suite or something else to match a geisha – maybe with some fire and smoke and crazy makeup involved (this would have surprised me much less than what actually happened!) When he finally came out, the party had really started to fill with people. He walked out in a tux, and I was totally confused. I was trying to remember if there was a movie with a geisha girl and a man in a tux that I was forgetting. When he turned around, he had a receipt or something pinned to his back. On second glance, I could tell it was a handwritten paper that said “instructions for this tux. Girlfriend must read aloud.” I unpinned it and started reading, and the rest is history!

Somehow, he was still able to match my geisha costume perfectly – even though it wasn’t the Samuri costume that I was expecting!


Halloween Marriage Proposal Ideas

Halloween Marriage Proposal Ideas

Halloween Marriage Proposal