Kerry and Kenny's Scavenger Hunt Proposal

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How We Met

We met in Spanish class in high school! Our teacher sat us next to each other and I use to let him copy my homework! He asked me to go bowling one day with some of his friends. What I didn’t know was that he didn’t actually didn’t invite his friends, he only invited me but was to nervous to just ask me.

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how they asked

I live with both Kenny and my best friend Jackie (threes company haha). A few days before our 8 year anniversary Kenny told me he had to go to court (he’s a police officer) in the morning for a few hours and then be home to spend the day with me. As he was leaving he said to not sleep too late, which was weird since he was leaving! So when he left I got up and Jackie was dressed and ready to go, standing by flowers and a note on the kitchen table. It was only 8:30 and I knew she didn’t have anything to do, so I was a little confused. She said there’s something here for you, come read the note! I read the note Kenny left, which was my first clue to the scavenger hunt. He made a reference to where we had our very first date, which I didn’t even understand until Jackie explained it to me, I was really nervous and confused still! So Jackie helped me pick out an outfit and I got ready. We left and she drove me to each spot. We made it to the first location and there was another friend waiting for me there with another clue. That clue then lead me to the next spot which was a restaurant we like to go to. At that location another friend was waiting with another clue. That clue lead us to Sweet, a frozen yogurt and cupcake place Kenny and I like to go to where we live now. At Sweet another friend was waiting with another clue and a cupcake :). That clue lead us to Kraft Azela park, which is where my friends and I took college graduation pictures. All of the girls that were at each location were back at the park waiting for me when I got there. I walked down a path to see Kenny standing at The Exedra Monument, which was beautifully decorated, waiting for me. I of course started crying when I saw him and he got on one knee and asked me to marry him! I said yes!!!

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