Kerry and Joey

How We Met

Our story begins way back in our early years of elementary school where we met, but it didn’t take long for us to become good friends. We lost touch in middle school and reconnected back in high school. Joey asked me to be his girlfriend on 12/5/09 at my dance show and I said yes! We were both 15 years old so we hung out as much as any other 15-year-olds could. We grew very close to each other and quickly realized we were very similar and had a lot in common!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Kerry’s parents shore house in Mystic Island NJ

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Kerry’s parents shore house in Mystic Island NJ

Some of my favorite memories in high school was going to junior and senior prom together and when his mom showed me something she found…one day she brought out our 5th grade yearbook and told us she had to show us something…it was my picture with a heart around it in Joeys yearbook, I couldn’t believe it! Little did I know when I told him to go get a haircut in 6th grade I crushed his little heart! Lol…Fast forward to college years…we didn’t know what we were going to do because we were so scared to separate. When we made our decision on what school we would go to we told each other on the count of 3 and we both said PENN STATE BERKS! We went through 4 1/2 years of college together and both graduated and got full-time jobs. We then knew we made it this far together so we could get through anything!

Kerry's Proposal in Kerry’s parents shore house in Mystic Island NJ

Proposal Ideas Kerry’s parents shore house in Mystic Island NJ

Where to Propose in Kerry’s parents shore house in Mystic Island NJ

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After being together for over 8 years I knew this day I’ve been dreaming about forever HAD to come true EVENTUALLY! April 6th in 2018 ended up being that special day!

We were headed to the shore for a weekend alone and I begged Joey to go watch the sunset on the bay, but he pretended he wasn’t feeling well so we just went right to the house. As soon as I pulled into the driveway I saw candles lining the walkway to the dock and I looked at him and instantly started crying in disbelief. I couldn’t stop crying and he kept saying “come on let’s go!”. As we walked to the dock I heard Perfect by Ed Sheeran playing and I cried even harder! As I was walking I turned around and saw my brother in law and my best friend secretly watching and again…I lost it!

Once I got to the dock I picked up roses and uncovered photos of us together from 6th grade, our proms, college to now. After he got down on one knee and I said YES! My three other best friends popped up, both of our sets of parents came outside from the house along with my aunt and uncle and my sister was hiding on the dock…let’s just say I WAS IN COMPLETE SHOCK!

I couldn’t believe he went through all of this for me and I wouldn’t have wanted this day to happen any other way!

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