Kerry and Jeff | Adorable Key Proposal

How We Met: We met in Atlantic City on a Thursday night, while celebrating with our respective friends. Her being from North Jersey, and me from South Jersey, our paths were unlikely to cross if not for this night. But we are so glad they did.

That night, her friend had a bit too much to drink and Kerry was playing the responsible friend, watching out for her. I, being an Atlantic City native, knew that there are always guys on the prowl, looking to take advantage of girls like her friend that night. I could see how concerned she was for her friend, and I struck up a conversation with her about it, offering to help keep her safe – and from falling.

We immediately hit it off that night, and after a few drinks, some dancing, and lots of laughing, we exchanged numbers and talked everyday for two weeks until we could have our “official” first date.

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how they asked: This past Christmas, I gave her a key. Just a key. That’s it. And I told her that I can’t tell you what it’s for, or when you are going to need it, but it is very important you keep it on you at all times. She hated it.

After making her wait for a few months, I conspired with her mother and father to get her to her Lake House for a supposed “Mother’s Day Weekend”. However, on that day, she received a package that needed a key to open it.

After opening the package, she was sent on an all day adventure and I had the whole thing professionally filmed. It was an amazing day, full of laughs and tears, and ended with a beautiful proposal by the lake. Please watch our video to see how it all happened. You won’t regret it!!! Just make sure you have tissues handy, because you’re likely to cry just like she did.

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Credit: Ryan at Squareware // Winship Wheatley // Kim at Parrish Limo