Kerry and Dillon

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How We Met

Dillon and I met my first year of college in 2013. I had a boyfriend at the time, and I went to the gym on campus (where he worked) during the middle of the day to practice some basketball. The gym was EMPTY and I was running suicides and doing crazy drills. Dillon, being impressed, came up to me while I was running a suicide and said, “damn, look at you go!” I was annoyed, to say the least! I didn’t want to be bothered! Fast forward to a few months later, and we started working together as referees and became acquaintances. He was super nice and a really good hugger! I almost transferred schools in 2014, but when I showed up for the start of the spring semester, he gave me the best hug of my life. I’ll never forget it.

He friend requested me on Facebook in April of 2015. I had just broken up with the boyfriend I shouldn’t have even been with! All I wanted was a friendship – I remember being impressed by how cool and calm of a person he was. So I messaged him and told him was should hang out some time. He, of course, took this as me wanting to hook up. But, we didn’t. Instead we became quick friends and 2 weeks later, he kissed me while we were watching the sunset on the beach near our college. We’ve been together now for 5 years, but I didn’t fall in love very quickly. It actually took me 2.5 years to fall in love with him. But, as John Green wrote in his book The Fault In Our Stars, “I fell in love like you fall asleep. Slowly, then all at once.”

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Kerry and Dillon's Engagement in Mackey Orchards in NJ

How They Asked

Dillon was on deployment for what I thought would be the worst year. Although it was super hard to be away from each other for so long, I became really good friends with one of my coworkers and her husband and they made it bearable. I also learned the meaning of, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” I swear, I fell in love with him even more each day of his deployment! I was convinced he was going to propose before he left, but much to my dismay, he didn’t. So when he finally came back in January of 2019, I was sure he’d do it then. NOPE! Finally, in September, we went apple picking with the coworker I mentioned and her husband. Dillon, who’s normally super chill and calm, kept insisting we go to this one orchard but I was stubborn and didn’t want to drive an hour. Then he told me I shouldn’t wear the outfit I had on – I needed something nicer. I should’ve been suspicious but I wasn’t at all for some reason. Finally, when I was picking an apple, my friend (who will be my matron of honor!) said, “Turn around, Dillon’s gonna take your picture!” and there he was on one knee with the ring of my dreams. THE BEST PART? He bought the ring in Kuwait while he was on deployment and it was custom-made!

We have a live photo from my matron of honor’s iPhone of me dropping the apple in my hand as I turned around in shock. It was 90 degrees at the end of September so you can hear me say, “It’s too hot, the ring doesn’t fit my finger right now!” Lol. All in all – I always say that I hope everyone gets to experience something like our love one day. I can’t wait to be married!

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