Kerry and Deepan

Image 1 of Kerry and Deepan

How We Met

We met at work. We spent a whole year talking on the phone and via email without ever seeing each other. The moment we first saw each other… Deepan asked if I was Kerry. I saw the man I knew I was going to marry right there and then!

We hit it off and things went from strength to strength as we realised that together we made the best team! We dated and made the most of getting to know each other! We decided to go on a road trip in June 2013 to France and that’s where we fell in love! We vowed to go on our French road trip every year for the rest of our lives… and we have done so far!

how they asked

On our first holiday together 3 years ago, we found a beautiful little seaside town called Deauville in the Normandy region of France. After a few months of dating and having the best time getting to know each other… We fell in love on the road trip We vowed to go back to France and do a road trip every year thereafter. This summer we did our usual road trip only this time was the most special trip back of all.

We went and found a quiet spot on the beach and reminisced about how much fun previous trips had been and how lucky we were to be there again.

As I laid down to sunbathe, Deepan told me he wanted to dig for treasure. I told him to go ahead whilst I relaxed. But he was pretty insistent! He wanted me to help him dig and said he was pretty sure there would be treasure if we dug deep enough together. after a while I agreed to help him dig. I didn’t have to dig very far before I stumbled across a black box which I immediately told Deepan was a battery pack or a mobile phone that had been washed up on the beach and buried by sand.

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A few seconds later I realised it was a jewellery box… I opened the box and looked at Deepan who was laughing at my surprise! A battery pack? Seriously?!

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He asked me to be his wife and I could not have been happier to have said yes.

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The camera was set up and he caught the whole thing! I absolutely love that he thought of something so special in a place which has meaning for us.

Image 5 of Kerry and Deepan

the way he did it was not suspicious at all because he’s so mischievous and playful! I didn’t suspect a ting that day as I had a sneaky feeling it was going to happen in Paris a few days later! Instead he took me to Paris as his Fiancé and it was as perfect as perfect could be!

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He’s the perfect partner… he bought me diamonds, Tiffany pearls and Louboutin’s and I got to wear them all out to dinner in Paris as his future wife!