Kerry and Brendan

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How We Met

Brendan and I met two years ago. We were both living in the same apartment building in the city but had not crossed paths yet. One night I walked home from work and found our front door was jammed and no one could get into the building. I waited for awhile and attempted to call the landlord with another neighbor and then a strikingly handsome man walks up and introduces himself as our new neighbor on the second floor. None of us could get a hold of the landlord so we went out for drinks up the street and Brendan and I have been together ever since.

how they asked

To celebrate two years since we met, we made plans to spend a long weekend in Portland, Maine. We have been so excited to visit the city as neither of us have been. Little did I know Brendan and our families had been planning a beautiful proposal… We decided to get dressed up for dinner Saturday night. Brendan had said he planned something for our anniversary and I assumed it was a nice dinner out in Portland. Once we were ready we walked out of the hotel and a private car was waiting for us that drove us to Cape Elizabeth to the Portland Head Lighthouse. This is about the time I realized it was going to be much more than a dinner date and frantically texted my friends.

We stepped out of the car and a horse & buggy was waiting at the entrance for us which took us up to the cliff walk by the lighthouse.

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I walked down to see roses along the path leading up to large bouquets by the top of a hill over looking the water. There were also several people waiting to see this proposal!

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It all happened so fast and I think I started to say yes before he even got down on one knee.

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Our amazing photographer captured this unbelievable moment and all the strangers that waited to see the proposal cheered.

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It was fabulous. Brendan was thoughtful enough to get my ring from my cousins jewelry store where my father also bought my mothers ring. Many of our family members were a part of the planning in one way or another which made it even more special.

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Special Thanks

Greta Tucker
 | Photographer